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Yoplait Goes All Natural With Go-Gurt Comeback

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Ever since Greek-style yogurt skyrocketed to popularity among U.S. consumers a few years ago, Yoplait has been struggling to maintain its niche in the market. Now, in an effort to circle the wagons, Yoplait is doubling down on a demographic it still has a firm handle on: the kids. Yoplait has just launched a rebranded version of its iconic Go-Gurt brand, which now comes with more flashy packaging and improved nutritional content.


In a bid to win over health-conscious parents, Go-Gurt boxes now proudly declare that they use no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and provide a solid source of calcium and vitamin D. For the last few years, General Mills’ Yoplait has been duking it out with rival Dannon for dominance of the kids yogurt market, and results have been mixed for both parties. Dannon has launched a variety of flashy, fun yogurt products that “kids loved but parents had mixed feelings about,” says Michael Neuwirth, the senior director of public relations for Dannon USA.

That means Yoplait is on the right track with its healthier new formula, but it still has a lot of catching up to do. Both US yogurt giants were caught off guard by the rise of Chobani Greek yogurt, which burst onto the scene a few years ago and shows no signs of slowing down. Dannon has been closing the gap with Oikos, its own brand of Greek yogurt, but Yoplait has yet to unveil its own Greek-style offshoot, instead preferring to focus heavily on creating a fun product that kids love. It remains to be seen, however, if Yoplait’s new health-oriented packaging will be enough to steer nutrition-conscious parents away from the Greek stuff.

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