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Weight Watchers Offering ‘Help with the Hard Part’

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Weight Watchers identifies over-eating triggers in new ad, offering to ‘Help with the Hard Part.’

Weight Watchers Offering 'Help with the Hard Part'

The legendary weight-loss brand Weight Watchers has a tremendous holiday campaign for 2014. The “Help with the Hard Part” campaign tells the truth about over-eating, reminding viewers that just about anything can trigger a food craving.

The 60-second video spot makes a twist on the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song, starting off by showing food as an integral part of celebrations, such as sporting events or birthday parties. Then, the ad takes a bit of a darker turn, reminding viewers that sadness, boredom, stress and loneliness can all trigger cravings as well.

I applaud the audacious honesty put forth by Weight Watchers in this campaign. To be certain, some people are overweight because of genetic issues, etc. However, the vast majority of obesity is within our power as humans to avoid. This spot does a great job of giving consumers a bit of ‘tough love,’ so to speak.

While most weight-loss ad campaigns traditionally begin after the winter holiday season, Weight Watchers is already up and running, offering ‘Help with the Hard Part.’ This seems like a smart move too – much of that ‘hard part’ is resisting over-indulging in fattening holiday meals. Call it a preemptive strike against obesity on the part of Weight Watchers.

“There’s nothing wrong with a success story, but it’s a shallower message,” says Weight Watchers president Lesya Lysyj. Kudos to Weight Watchers for rejecting the easy narrative.

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  1. Winford Euna

    How do I choose a healthy weight loss plan? @Howard Davidson Arlington MA. I can’t imagine going on Weight Watchers. I am too into large meals and totally dig sweets and snacks.

  2. Dwayne

    It is a great commercial in my opinion. Truth hurts but it should always be told the way it is and this is exactly what this ad does. You have picked a very good topic Howard Davidson Arlington MA to share. Well Done!

  3. Hamish

    Must admit it is a good message shared in an equally effective way. Yes, it can pinch a little but that is what it stand for, Well Done! and Well written Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  4. Mehedi Hasan

    What’s a girl to do? What is the best weight loss plan? To give you an idea I want to say you that I am 19 years old, 5ft 6inch long. But my weight is 200 lbs. Ok. Ok, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, it’s Weight Watchers for me!

  5. Joe

    Oh where would I be without Weight Watchers…Good message though and you to have written it well Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  6. John Cooper

    Those Weight Watches guys had played well on our subconscious mindsets. Our diets are supposed to be fulfilled by 3 meals (at most 5), but most of us overeat all the time without even knowing it. No wonder weight loss is such a profitable industry. Good post, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  7. Peter

    So, I’m not too thrilled with the Weight Watchers ad. I’ll admit, I’ve gone to WW before and had some success with it, but I had better success getting my weight down when I stuck to a whole foods plant based diet such as that advocated by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his book “The China Study”. Although this type of eating style is rather controversial because it goes against the big dairy and meat industries which are in a large part subsidized by the USDA which also tells us what is healthy to eat, this is truly the healthiest way to eat. So, we wouldn’t really need places like WW and Nutrisystem and all those other commercial weight loss companies if people would just stop the toxic foods. Also see the book “The Pleasure Trap”. Thanks for the relevant post, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  8. Philip

    Frankly speaking I am not a big fan of Weight Watchers. I have few friends who had taken up their weight loss programs and aren’t particularly pleased about it. As far as their advertisement goes, they have worked hard on it, so points given where they deserve but other than that nothing to boost about them really. Thanks for sharing this Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  9. Vince

    Weight Watchers is back with their usual gimmicks and there is nothing new in this. To be honest this time around, I didn’t even find their campaign entertaining. I did join them few years ago but saw no result, so left them for good. Anyways, that’s my story with them. Thanks,
    Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for this Weight Watchers Offering ‘Help with the Hard Part’ post.

  10. Sam

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    Few years ago, I did thought about joining Weight Watchers but one of my friends advised against it. His experience with WW wasn’t great and I dropped my plans, but not pants, Howard Davidson!

    This time around I am little more confident about joining them. I like their new commercial and I think it will work for me. Rest, I can only tell once I see any result. Thanks for sharing this….

  11. Deepika

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    This is not for the first time weight watchers have come out with such a powerful campaign. Though It sounds interesting but I am not sure if I am willing to join in. Good work none the less.

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