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UK Bans American Apparel’s New Back to School Ad Campaign

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The UK has banned two online ads for American Apparel’s new back to school campaign. And heads are rolling.

American Apparel

American Apparel created two risqué ads featuring schoolgirls bent over revealing their underwear while wearing short skirts. The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority got a hold of these online ads and banned them for sexualizing schoolgirls. In fact, the images, which appeared on the retailer’s website and Instagram page, were judged irresponsible, harmful and offensive by the advertising watchdog.

The ‘Your first assignment is to dress accordingly.’campaign was created in-house. And there must be a lot of heads rolling in-house these days. Complaints to the ASA said the online ads were offensive because they were overtly sexual, and inappropriate for a skirt advertised as school-wear.

In today’s society, where a microscope has been placed on all aspects of objectifying women, did you honestly think there wouldn’t be a problem with these photos? This campaign is directed toward schoolgirls… Yes…the female audience, under the age of 18, who still live in their parent’s house.

Now American Apparel claims the model used in the photos was 30 years old. But for all I know, we might all be on a list for having seen these photos. As if I’m not on enough lists.

The ASA has warned American Apparel to “ensure its future advertising was prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society and contained nothing to cause serious or widespread offense.

The “upskirt” shot ads have been banned and removed. So, don’t bothering trying to trying get a cheap thrill.

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    I think this is very good idea of US government. I think need more HIJAB of US girl

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