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Taco Bell Takes on Oversharing with New “Sharing Sucks” Campaign

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Taco Bell pokes fun at oversharing – both online and in real life – with “Sharing Sucks” ad.

Taco Bell Takes on Oversharing with New “Sharing Sucks” Campaign

“Since you were a kid, it’s been share this, share that,” the narrator begins. “Share your toys, share the bathroom, share the road, share your feelings.” Within the first 12 seconds of Taco Bell’s new “Sharing Sucks” video spot, the brand identifies many of the annoying ways we are all forced to parcel out our lives to fit in with societal expectations.

From there, the narrative takes a quick shift to the digital world. “Share selfies, share baby pictures,” the man continues. “So many baby pictures! Share, share, overshare. When does the sharing stop?” According to Taco Bell, sharing stops with the new Grilled Stuft Nacho – an individually wrapped portion of nachos that is decidedly anti-sharing.

The duality of the term ‘share’ in modern society – and the way Taco Bell addresses it here – provides for a smart, streamlined 30-second video spot. Sure, we’ve all been taught since childhood that ‘sharing is caring,’ but sometimes sharing really does suck, as the ad asserts.

Furthermore, the spot addresses millennials’ sense of individuality. ‘These are my nachos, that I chose to buy and will consume by myself.‘ That’s a message that speaks loudly and clearly to Taco Bell’s youthful target market, even in a playfully sarcastic manner, as presented here.

While my mind still isn’t changing regarding Taco Bell’s food quality (or relative lack thereof), I’ve got to admit that their marketing department has been on point recently.

Need I add that yours truly has not stepped foot in a Taco Bell since flare Levi’s were in style?

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