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Sony Brings the World Closer During World Cup

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Sony’s ‘One Stadium Live’ network brings the world closer together during this years FIFA World Cup.

If there’s one way to bring nations together it’s with the FIFA World Cup where teams will duke it out in Brazil this June. Now Sony rolls out its sponsorship of the event with One Stadium Live, a single online platform that will bring the world together through social media.

SonyCreated by Isobar U.K. this online platform brings together Facebook, Twitter and Google+, allowing users to view social content as TV content in a snapshot of what the world is feeling during the games. Content will be available in English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish and Japanese with the support of a large editorial team.

The 2010 World Cup attracted two billion TV viewers and this was before social media sites like Twitter began to explode. This year it is projected that 60 percent of all Tweets alone will be World Cup related and with Facebook surpassing one billion users there will no doubt be a huge internet presence.

Nick Bailey, CEO and executive director of Isobar U.K., describes One Stadium Live as being like “a social broadcast channel for football.” An entire newsroom in London has been dedicated to One Stadium Live where moderators will work across six time zones to push out the best conversations and safeguard Sony from inappropriate content.

One Stadium Live feeds into Sony’s “One Sony” directive as they attempt to unify the diverse company under one identity. Sony is using a, “from the lens to the living room” approach to underline how the brand shares user experience from the cameras that capture the matches to the TVs and Sony Xperia tablets used to watch them and share the experience. The insight is that Sony brings fans closer to the detail of what’s going on to make every fan’s experience more like being in a stadium.

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    Leave it to Sony to score such a cool campaign.

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    Leave it to a big player like Sony!

  3. And I’ll bring myself closer to Sony with a purchase.

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    I have also buy one today.

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