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Snickers’ ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’- 1 for 2

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Snickers’ ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign poses the question, “Why would someone want one Snickers for the price of two?”

In Snicker’s latest campaign, BBDO New York developed a spoof banner ad offering one Snickers bar for the price of two. For those hungry (or distracted) enough to click on the deal, they are greeted by a concerned yet slightly creepy life coach.

The quirky coach intently stares into the camera and softly asks “Hey there. Hey, are you OK? You don’t seem like yourself. Are you hungry?” The life coach painstakingly explains why a one-for-two is a bad deal, then suggests they might be too hungry to make correct choices. The life coach proceeds to offer a better deal: $1 off the purchasing price of two Snickers bars.

The one-for-two spoof ad continues the legendary Snickers’ seven-year long ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign.

This playful ad leaves me with many questions:

Does Snickers reward the curious or the illiterate?

Would this be better suited for an eyewear brand?

Where can I buy that sweater?

Questions aside, this banner ad is a masterclass in utilizing humor.

Let’s face it: banners are boring. A listicle of the world’s top banner ads is a natural sedative. However, BBDO decided to tackle this problem head-on. By addressing banner ads’ mundane nature, BBDO uses humor to bring much-needed relief to what might otherwise be a very typical ad. Snickers’ comically illogical offer demands attention, much like the absurd rant of a drunken relative. Anyone curious enough to click on the bad deal receives a well-crafted dialogue and an attractive offer.

A word of warning for any future clients: humor can be risky. Before committing to a funny ad, you better have a solid understanding of your own business and your audience. If there is a miscalculation, your ad could result in a misunderstanding, or worse, negative attention.  Been there.

I’m no stand-up, so I’ll leave you with Bo Burnham quote, “Comedy is the one absolutely self-aware art form.” Know thy self. Know thy funny-bone.

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