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Poo-Pourri Breaks Trend of Crappy Toilet Marketing

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Poo-Pourri’s new video spot breaks the trend of crappy marketing for toilet-related products.

Most commercials for toilet products make the bathroom look like a magical place, where people glide upon the clouds – thanks to bathroom tissue so soft that they soar from flush to flush in a state of Charmin-induced euphoria. The real world this is not.

Poo-Pourri Breaks Trend of Crappy Toilet Marketing

The line between frank honesty and sophomoric humor in toilet advertising is undoubtedly a difficult one to walk. Poo-Pourri manages to pull it off, setting a new standard for bathroom product marketing. (To be fair, the ad does rely on far too many fart jokes, but this is still infinitely better than cartoon bears frolicking in the forest.)

In the video, Santa has just arrived at a house, when he realizes he needs to go. He finds the bathroom, but the children of the house are quickly awoken by the awful stench. Enter Poo-Pourri, a product you spray into the toilet bowl to mask that terrible scent.

The spot demonstrates what exactly the product does, while placing the story in a humorous setting. What we have here is a perfect union of product and pitch, with a seasonally appropriate holiday twist to boot.

The 3-minute video from Ackermania Creative is rife with catchphrases. My favorites are probably “Poo-Pourri: The gift that stops stinking,” and “Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know.”

I’ll be the first to admit that the humor at play here is somewhat sophomoric. However, it never pushes too far – and it’s actually funny – so I’ll let that slide. Any spot that pairs a sensible combination of product and pitch with some legitimate laughs is a thumbs-up in my book.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Alistair

    Yes, they certainly have raised the bar. Let’s hope others also take a leaf out of their booklet and come up with more expressive and creative ideas. Loved the way you analysed this commercial here Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts..

  2. Craig

    This is very well picked up and mentioned Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. Generally these kinds of commercials are a big turn off but this is different. They have presented their idea well without looking crappy or pathetic. So, I give Poo-Pourri Breaks Trend of Crappy Toilet, a big LOL.

  3. Albie

    Well designed and presented concept. Designing smart commercials around this concept is little tricky, but poo-pourri had done this well. I didn’t find this commercial absurd or strange so that’s a point in their favor. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this information

  4. John

    I feel really bad for anyone working in advertising who gets stuck working on these sorts of campaigns. Trying to make an appropriate ad yet make it humorous is walking a fine line. I saw this product on one of the at home shopping networks and couldn’t even keep watching it because I kept cracking up. I can’t imagine there being an ad for this that isn’t just stupid. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  5. Lee

    Ha Ha Poo-Pourri Breaks Trend of Crappy Toilet Marketing. Now that’s funny. I saw this commercial few days ago and found it quite adorable. I am hope you will not consider me insane for saying that. But overall far better than the other commercials of the same category. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for sharing this with us.

  6. Neil

    Yes, I agree with you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, this indeed is very well done. You really need to be smart with such kind of campaigns and poo-pourri has done just that. Well thought and presented.

  7. Tim

    Don’t know if I liked it but still better than most of what I had seen in this category. It’s an interesting topic you chose to write upon Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  8. Jason

    Now that’s some work done by poo-pourri creative team…They deserve all the accolades that comes their way…Well done and keep going….Good information to share Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts….

  9. Kevin

    Yes, this commercial definitely a notch ahead of others in the same category. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t look ugly or disgusting. Thumbs up to the creative team who came up with this idea, well done! Thank for sharing this information Howard Davidson Arlington MA, really appreciated!

  10. Ryan

    Good campaign…they have really done some good work in making sense out of a topic that is difficult to depict. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  11. Martin

    Yes better than the usual stuff.. I agree to most of what you have written Howard Davidson Arlington MA…These types of campaigns are not easy to design but Poo-pourri has just shown in the way…Well Done!

  12. Jay

    Yes, they have done it differently. To be honest, I didn’t like this commercial much but if talk in context of what their peers are doing, it far better. You really mentioned some good points Howard Davidson Arlington MA to support what you have written..

  13. Abraham

    Little bit of creativity always help and Poo pourri has just proved it…a well designed campaign that deserves rich accolades..

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