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Poland Spring Runs NYC Marathon Campaign

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Poland Spring will be running a video campaign just before the NYC marathon in November.

Poland Spring Runs NYC Marathon Campaign

The tasty bottled water company is sponsoring the marathon for the 20th straight year and launching “Poland Spring Cheers”, a video-based social campaign.

The video campaign gives runners the opportunity to create their own video toasting those who helped support their marathon journey through social media outlets. Poland Spring is doing its best to make bottled water relevant with a unique way of interacting with the runners themselves as well as partnering up with well-known running bloggers to drive up awareness of the campaign.

Nielsen data show Poland Spring’s New York metro area sales hit $500 million last year. This is over 35% greater than Coca-Cola and more than double all Pepsi-branded beverage sales. It is astronomical to think that much money was made on a product I can get for free when I turn on the sink.

It’s a perfect fit for a bottled water company to sponsor a marathon, but not a fit in any way for me. I never buy bottled water because just schlepping up the stairs with a bottle of water is a marathon for me.

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  1. Jacob

    This is brilliant…Marketing at its best…Well said Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Brands like Poland Springs want to make you believe that the water we drink in your daily lives is not good for us. Well, if that what they want me to BELIEVE, I am sorry but I am not up for the game…!

    Thank for sharing this post and information….

  2. Steve

    It is crazy to think that how marketing can make you fall in love with anything. With Poland Springs, marketing gurus have proven again how easy it is to make people believe in something that isn’t true. You have used good words to describe your feelings here Howard Davidson Arlington MA…Well Done!

  3. Shane

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting article. We have seen time and again how marketing companies are able to showcase their brand in a light that is very different from reality and Poland spring is no different. It is a well designed campaign that is reaping high rewards. This is not for the first we have seen something like this and unfortunately it will not be the last. So as long as it goes lets sit back and enjoy.

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