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Pampers Stages Surprise for ‘Mom’s First Birthday’

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A sweet and staged surprise from Pampers Japan totally steals hearts in their “Mom’s First Birthday” ad.

Pampers Stages Surprise for 'Mom's First Birthday'

Pampers Japan and agency Leo Burnett Tokyo/Beacon Communications pushes the premise that there’s no person who’s more sleep deprived and sensitive than a mom who’s recently given birth – even if her kid does look like something from National Geographic. Have you ever heard a mom say her kid wasn’t the cutest baby ever?

If you are a mom, a dad or anyone who has an ounce of emotion, you’ll be moved by this ad campaign. Don’t worry. You won’t need a diaper. The ad shows three moms heading to their baby’s annual checkup, discussing with the doctor how worrisome the first year of motherhood was for them, and how relieved they are to get a clean bill of health. Meanwhile, each woman’s husband decorates the hallway outside with pictures of mom and baby.

Each woman tearfully wanders the hallway before reaching her husband outside, who gives her a cake. Even a cynic like me can admit that the spot’s earnestness – albeit contrived – scores points. I’m not going to so far as this article in the Parents section on HuffPost, in which the author claims, “We need so many tissues.”My one major gripe with this spot is that it is nearly four minutes long. Each of the three mothers in the ad’s story says and does the exact same things, so it is highly repetitive in nature. Sit me down in an editing bay and I’d get this spot down to 90 seconds.

It’s too long, there’s too much phony emoting, etc. Still, considering the ad’s target market, Pampers hit the nail on the head (or babies’ butts) with this one.

PS. Watch the ad here

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  1. Asa

    I think pampers is great for a baby sleep

  2. Michael

    ‘Nail on the Butt’, hahaha…You are something
    Howard Davidson Arlington MA. More than the commercial, I enjoyed reading about it, all thanks to you. Well done!

  3. Keith

    This is hilarious Howard Davidson Arlington MA…You have used some real gems like: ‘Baby from national geographic channel’ and ‘Nail on the butt’. I am sure people who enjoyed this ad campaign will also appreciate the humor you have depicted in this post. Well Done!

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