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New York City Ballet Teaches PlayStation Gamers to Taunt with Flair

  • Sumo

The New York City Ballet has teamed up with PlayStation to teach gamers how to taunt their opponents with a proper victory dance.

New York City Ballet Teaches PlayStation Gamers to Taunt with Flair

Ballet and video games may not seem like ideal dance partners, but PlayStation has enlisted the New York City Ballet in their new video campaign. The dance company and video-game juggernaut teamed up to produce six new TV spots that show gamers how to do a proper victory dance.

Each 45-second video is geared toward a specific game genre – perfect for sending to friends after that game-winning touchdown pass. There are spots depicting several different sports, as well as options for the Call of Duty crowd.

My one gripe is that each of the six ads is essentially identical. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. The first half of each video features classy ballet dancing, then loud house music or hip-hop starts playing and it all breaks down. It’s worth a chuckle the first time or two, but the formula quickly grows stale. Some variety would have been nice.

The campaign also includes a social media element, which could provide some of the most cringe-worthy material in recent memory. Gamers who share a video of their own victory dance with PlayStation’s Instagram account are eligible to win two PS4 systems. The hashtag for the contest is #PS4dancecontest, but will probably become more like #neckbeardtwerking.

While I would have preferred a bit more variety in the spots – or perhaps just increased specificity to the subject game genres – I do think PlayStation did well for themselves here. The combination of ballet and video games is unexpected and well-executed. Just don’t bother watching all six videos.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Josh

    This sounds bizarre to me..I am sure Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you would agree that mixing ballet with video games is no fun at all….I am sure, I wouldn’t want to match steps with any dancers after completing my game and there many other who would agree with me on this.

  2. Navneet

    Ah…this will be interesting….thank you
    Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for sharing this with me…I am a trained ballet dancer myself and love play station. To be able to do both things together is already giving me thrills… Wow this is super exiting for me 🙂

  3. Josh

    I am not sure about others but this will work well for me..I love both Play station and ballet dancing….So to be able to do both at the same time will be fun…How many video games or ballet moves do you have Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts??

  4. Jimmy

    It is like serving milk with a bacon…I am not sure if this will work, but then you never know with these things…I don’t like Ballet so this can be another reason for disliking this concept. Anyways, good luck to them and good work sharing, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

    • Jen

      Well, that certainly isn’t kosher. And maybe video games and ballet isn’t either. Well, I have to say, I’d at least prefer a ballet inspired touch-down dance to a Tebow or whatever it is called. Oh my gosh, that got so annoying. And so stuck up. I personally like when people develop their own style, even if they look like dorks doing it. I’d love to see Playstation just use a bunch of the social media uploads in their next ad campaign. That’d really excite me! Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for this cool post.

  5. Josh

    It kinda cool the the New York city Ballet is mixing their stuff with PlayStation. However, Howard Davidson Arlington MA… I have seen some bad combinations before but this one surpasses them all… And what is your best ballet move or PlayStation score Howard Davidson?

  6. Adam N

    Well well, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, Ballet and Playstation 4. That’s quite the unexpected duo, yet a perfect opportunity to engage your customers to create all the buzz for you. Who wouldn’t want to engage themselves for a chance to win a PS4!

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