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Netflix Enters Real Customers’ Homes for Unscripted Spots

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Netflix shoots unscripted video spots depicting movie night in actual consumers’ homes.

Kids really do say the darndest things. Netflix and R/GA Los Angeles produced a new series of video ads, depicting unstaged glimpses into movie night with families around the nation.

Netflix Enters Real Customers' Homes for Unscripted Spots

The children are the focus, as they share their thoughts about film with the camera. The unscripted nature of the spots provides some absolutely golden moments of humor from the kids.

After all, no adult would have written a gem like, “There could be superheroes, bad guys, romanticness or other things.” Then there’s another child’s rather astute observation: “Every movie has something that goes wrong in the middle of it.”

Rather than focusing too much on the specifics of Netflix’s film library, the spots are more about the sense of togetherness provided by family movie night. No one is staring at a phone or playing Angry Birds on a tablet – as long as the movie choice satisfies everyone.

Let’s face it, cute-kid advertising is one of the oldest tricks in the book, because it’s so effective. Furthermore, these particular spots are very easy to identify with. After all, movie night is a staple of modern American family activity. (Probably because it allows us to spend time together without really speaking much, but we’ll gloss over that part.)

The slogan for this campaign is, “The movie is just the beginning.” Likewise, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is just the beginning of Netflix’s foray into unscripted advertising. Two thumbs up.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Andrew

    Yeah, a real cute ad and you may be right
    Howard Davidson Arlington MA, this could Netflix entry into many more things..Let’s see how it all unfolds.

  2. Eoin

    Well Spotted Howard Davidson Arlington MA..I also believe that Netflix is now looking to spread its wings in other directions as well and they certainly have the support to back it up. It will be interesting to see where they will go from here but for the minute they are doing a very good job.

  3. James

    Going by the look of things, I guess they are entering retail sector. Now, I can be wrong with my estimation but you never know about these brands. Let’s see where it goes. Good topic to cover Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  4. Ted

    I am fond of Netflix, and to see them progress in other sectors is only going to make me feel happy. I wish them all the luck in their new venture and wish them success, thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  5. Ralf

    Well, this has to happen. Every brand after achieving a certain kind of success does that and Netflix is no different. I wish them all the luck for their future ventures. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  6. Andre

    Netflix has truly started flexing their muscles around other market segments as well, which is a good news. Lets see what they will come up with next. Good article this Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  7. Michael

    ‘The movie is just the beginning’…Good slogan this and I really hope Netflix can come up with something interesting to back it up. Till then lets wait and enjoy some more movies. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  8. Zak

    Yes Netflix has entered both our hearts and homes, it is nice to see them working their way up. I like them and wish to see them at top all the time. Good article to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Well done!

  9. Marvin

    Well done Netflix, you have been a force in your domain and I am glad that you are moving places. Best of luck for your newest venture and I hope it succeeds all the expectations set. Thanks for writing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  10. Steve

    As someone has mentioned in the comments above, Netflix is really flexing it muscles big time now. They are entering new dimensions which is a good news for us customers. I wish them luck. Thanks for sharing this article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, I super liked it.

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