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Mr. Sketch Gets Stinky

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Mr. Sketch is really stinky.  And, I’m having none of it.

As if the horrific scent from the the entirely too vivid red, orange, peach, yellow, etc markers from Mr. Sketch weren’t enough to annoy me, the jokers at the marker company and now pushing their scented markers into ill-advised toilet-humor ads.  Fech!

Mr. Sketch Gets Stinky

Mr. Sketch clearly thinks that the best way to promote its scented markers is through flatulence-based ‘humor.’ Following last summer’s terrible farting blueberry spot, the brand has doubled down on the fart jokes.

Instead of just one 30-second spot, Mr. Sketch now has an entire interactive website based on fart jokes. The site – sure to entertain whoopie cushion enthusiasts everywhere – allows you to play musical “Toot Tunes.” Finally. I’ve been waiting my whole life for an opportunity like this.

And yes, it is exactly what you expect it to be. The different fruits have different-sounding farts, and I suppose if one was so inclined, you could make something borderline-listenable with this site. I just don’t have any idea why you would want to, but maybe that’s just me. (I don’t think that’s just me.)

I really don’t get why associating flatulence with a scented product is even remotely advisable. Sure, it’s fruit farts, and maybe blueberries would emit perfectly delightful-smelling gas, but I still come back to the core point: They’re actually trying to use toilet humor to sell scented markers.

This campaign is Mr. Sketch’s first foray into the world of advertising in decades. Perhaps they should have just kept this one on the shelf, as well.

Or, maybe Mr. Sketch is just being unusually honest. Their markers really do smell like crap.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Shane

    Well, I never expected something spectacular from them at the first place but this is poor stuff. Done in a bad taste they should seriously reconsider replacing this Ad with something different. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  2. Kevin

    I am sure, they could have come up with a better Ad than this to display their product. I am not sure if this will go down well with the customers. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  3. Mitchell

    What a terrible miss this is. I can understand that the creative team behind Mr Sketch wanted to make some kind of a statement but they had certainly missed their mark here by quite a fair distance. Better luck next time. Good article to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  4. Brian

    Yes, they indeed have gone stinky with this. There are hundred ways of presenting your brand in a creative and imaginative way, I am afraid this is not one of them. You have covered most of the points here Howard Davidson Arlington MA, so I will not express much. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Grant

    They just lost the plot I guess. I am sure they are not able to bring out what they originally had in mind. Tough result, better result next time. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  6. Michael

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    Good article to share. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with cracking these kinds of loose jokes if you can pull them well but Mr Sketch had failed to do so. It is not something they themselves will be proud off. Better luck next time.

  7. James

    No Mr Stinky, you got it wrong this time. There is nothing wrong with such kind of humor if it is done correct. This however is too shallow to digest. Good observation Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  8. Matt

    This is a perfect example of how a good idea can go terribly bad. I am sure their idea was to make people laugh but I am afraid not many are going to be amused by it. I wish them luck to come with something better next time around. Thanks for the share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  9. Daniel

    I am afraid to inform this to Mr Sketch but I think this time around they have got this terribly wrong. They could have thought of thousands different ways to represent their campaign but they chose the wrong solution here. I hope this will not hamper the brand reputation. Good article to share though Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  10. Darren

    Certainly not a smart way to put your message across. In a time when other companies are coming up with so many different ideas to promote their brand this from Mr Sketch is very ordinary. Glad you shared this information Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  11. Zak

    There are few things that are best when not defined and this commercial certainly is one of them. Very lame and unimaginative. I am sure they could have come up with something better and more interesting. You have described this very well Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  12. Jamie

    Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

    Not a good advertisement for the brand. I must confess this is one of the worst campaign I had seen for a while. Nothing really to write about.

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