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Mercedes-Benz Made the Greatest Fashion Ad of All-Time

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Mercedes-Benz sends up fashion ads in a fantastic new video.

Mercedes-Benz Made the Greatest Fashion Ad of All-Time

Berlin Fashion Week isn’t just for clothing retailers. This year, the event’s title sponsor Mercedes-Benz stole the show with their hilarious send-up of stuffy, elitist fashion ads. The luxury automobile brand commissioned a three-and-a-half minute short film, which sets up scenarios of unbearable melodrama, before breaking them down into comedy.

“I was born in 1888. I grew up with the crocodiles until the age of ten. I grew older, wiser, and developed a keen sense of fashion.” Lines like this are delivered with deadpan efficiency by Justin O’Shea – a real-life industry insider, who works as the buying director for online high-fashion outlet

Acclaimed short-film director Danny Sangra directed the spot, which has its share of truly funny moments. One of the best is a black-and-white shot of O’Shea walking dramatically in slow motion. All the while, Sangra cuts in full-color shots of O’Shea’s friends talking about how weird it is that he’s walking so slowly.

The film is sumptuously shot, as O’Shea co-stars with a vintage gold and black Mercedes C111 sports car. I was surprised at how quickly the spot’s nearly four minutes flew by. It’s totally captivating.

The funniest thing about the whole video is the fact that a car-maker made a better fashion ad than any fashion brand can. Perhaps the world of high fashion should take note and poke fun at itself every once in a while, as well.

Yup, I’m into it!

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  1. Rob

    Wow can’t wait to see this on TV. You have really described this well here Howard Davidson Arlington MA and have raised the expectations. I am sure it will be good fun with Justin O’Shea in it, it has to be good.

  2. Kevin

    Ah Mercedes you beauty. I have seen this short film Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts and like you I also thoroughly enjoyed it. The best part about this film is that they covered everything without overdoing anything. Simply Brilliant!

  3. Matthew

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington MA. My friend had also told me about this short film and described how Mercedes stole the show. These guys are really gifted and know how to capture the limelight. Well Done!

  4. Kevin

    Yes, I saw this Ad and fell in love with it. It is entertaining to the core and had its heart in right place. Mercedes really know how to steal the show. Good article this Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

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