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Man Busted for Huffing at Arlington Starbucks

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It’s not every day that you can say your former office was the site of a drug bust, but the Arlington Starbucks Center had the scourge of drugs enter its sacred walls this week when a man was busted for huffing.

No, I don’t mean he was derisive and blustery of the new pink bags that Starbucks uses for pastries now that they’ve decided to be a French bakery instead of a hipster coffee shop.  This man apparently decided Starbucks would be the perfect place to inhale deeply into a bag of computer-cleaning product.  Starbucks employees, in turn, decided that the only stimulant they want ingested on the premises should be their coffee, so they had Arlington’s finest escort the man away.  One wonders if he should have just ordered a mocha cappuccino to get the same buzz.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.57.20 AM

Boy, Starbucks isn’t letting anyone have any fun anymore.  First, they politely and sincerely ask gun owners to not pack heat in their stores, which of course made gun owners want to order a lot more coffee once Starbucks caved.  (Guerrilla marketing?  Maybe.)  Now there’s this.  Do you suppose there now will be a huffing sit-in?

Would it get coverage from the Huffington Post?  Sorry…sorry…couldn’t stop myself.

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  1. maxleroue

    i love (all the way from France)!

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    You certainly hit it on the head! Great article!

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    You are so right!

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    Thanks for sharing. Good stuff! Dead on.

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    Thanks for sharing. If I could write like you, I’d write a blog myself.

  6. Its obviously true. Thanks for sharing

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