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Let’s Fall in Love in… Las Vegas?

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For most people, the notion of love tends to evoke the smell of roses, quiet sunsets, and maybe the scenic Tuscan countryside. Las Vegas would like to change that.

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Okay, so there is usually some kind of love felt in Vegas, but more akin to the intoxicated vows taken in front of The King himself than the idyllic romantic vision many hold for their wedding day. But, in the latest tourism marketing scheme from Sin City, it’s more love at first sight than love ‘till first light.

And it works. The short, Now & Then, is a touching video that showcases the love of two young women who meet in Vegas – and then decided to continue their romance within the city they met as they struggle with family acceptance, eventually culminating in a surprise ceremony that would turn any high-end East Coast wedding planner green with envy.

It may seem a little off-course from the usual messages of opulence, partying, and gambling Vegas ads usually have, but according to the CEO of R&R Partners, the firm responsible for the short, the vision is still the same: Vegas is a city of adult empowerment and choices, and following true love, especially true love that may not be widely accepted, is the best choice of all.

The short sells it too. It still showcases some of the city’s greatest sights, and fulfills the idea of love at first sight, and focuses more on the personal conversations a couple might have between hotspots rather than the roll of the dice in those venues itself. The couple explore the city in shots saturated with bokeh and bright lights, and the short ads an artistic element to the city of lights not normally seen.

This isn’t the first Vegas ad that doesn’t focus on the booze, money and fun times in Glitter Gulch. After the shooting at last year’s Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, R&R showcased a short-and-sweet ad focusing on the survivors of the attack – a major departure from the usual glitz and glamour of the city’s ads, but not an unwelcome one. Now & Then is just the next iteration in showing folks there’s more to Vegas – and its modern, it’s accepting, and it’s relevant.

Maybe Las Vegas is finally growing up – or maybe it’s a reaction to the sports betting legislation that’s working its way through the country and sure to give Vegas a run for its money if it passes. Either way, Vegas has never looked more appealing to a wider audience of potential visitors, and it’s a lot better than some of the tourism videos local governments put out (here’s looking at you Massachusetts).

All things aside, it’s a nice spot that still showcases a great city with a love of chance – and with the current American divorce rate, isn’t marriage the most interesting gamble of all?

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