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Laphroaig: We’re Not for Everyone and We’re Okay with That

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In the whisky brand’s holiday campaign, Laphroaig acknowledges that their polarizing taste isn’t for everyone, and they’re okay with that.

Laphroaig: We're Not for Everyone and We're Okay with That

Consumer testimonials are one of the most time-honored traditions in marketing. Most companies, however, don’t like to emphasize the opinions of customers who don’t enjoy their products. That’s where Laphroaig scotch sets itself apart with a brilliant new campaign.

Laphroaig collected countless testimonials for its “Opinions Welcome” campaign, and the video spots start out predictably enough. In an apparent effort to raise some holiday cheer, the Laphroaig Whisky Christmas Choir begins by singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” The carol’s lyrics, however, have been replaced by a man who feels that Laphroaig makes him feel “like the manliest man in the damn world.”

So far, so good, right? That’s where the brand takes the first of several hilarious left turns. From there, the ad spirals into some unexpected territory, including a man who believes that the scotch tastes like a first aid kit poured into a bucket of sea water. It just gets better from there, as consumers describe Laphroaig as “the wet residue of a chimney sweep’s broom.”

I’m trying to find the words to describe my love for this campaign without delving into hyperbole. No product is for everyone, but that’s especially true for strongly flavored liquor. Honesty in advertising is great, but brutal honesty in advertising is even better.

When you really think about it, Laphroaig does a great job of building brand loyalty with these spots. In our individualistic modern society, going against the grain is actually often a point of pride. Enjoying something that many people do not reminds the consumer that they’re an individual — not just an anonymous part of some amorphous societal whole.

So, let’s all raise a glass to Laphroaig’s creative team. (Just know that my glass contains Jameson instead.)

Cheers, Howard Davidson, Arlington Massachusetts

  1. Rohan

    Well said Howard Davidson Arlington MA. It really takes guts to be brutally honest with your advertising campaigns. I haven’t seen this commercial but going by what you said, it sounds brilliant. Not every brand is for everyone and I don’t think there is any harm in accepting that fact….Well done!

  2. Matthew

    This is Brilliant…I haven’t seen this commercial yet but I trust you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts to believe this to be true. How many campaigns we have seen so far that are so brutally honest. I am sure this will only benefit this brand. Good work Laphroaig…

  3. Sam

    Laphroaig certainly had taken a less traveled path here … It’s always good to present customer’s opinion in a right way…So, good job on that…Good observation, Howard Davidson Arlington MA in analyzing this commercial.

  4. Dale

    Laphroaig, you have managed to hit right chords with your audiences here. As you had mentioned Howard Davidson Arlington MA that they have managed to stand out from the crowd who are still designing marketing campaigns keeping in mind their brand’s positive image. Well Thought Laphroaig, in me you have earned yourself a new fan.

  5. Alviro

    re: Laphroaig: We’re Not for Everyone and We’re Okay with That. It requires a lot of guts to speak the truth but if it is said in a correct tone the message it conveys is wonderful. This is how I felt with the new Laphroaig ad. Well done to their creative team for coming with an idea like this. Good work Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for mentioning what’s up with all of this!

  6. Ethan

    I think it’s good when a brand distinguishes itself. I think trying to appeal to everyone can eventually backfire. Thanks for this excellent assessment Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Laphroaig is a cool brand.

  7. Marlon

    Re: Laphroaig: We’re Not for Everyone and We’re Okay with That. Well done Laphroaig for adding some creativity in your campaigns. This stint will work fine for you and I hope it does. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for sharing this with us, you seem to be a man with good taste.

  8. Matt

    Laphroaig is certainly not for me either but this is a top commercial done by them. This makes a lot more sense and people will be able to relate to it. Fantastic work laphroaig and well done Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  9. Steven

    Now this is something very cool. I have seen this campaign and liked it instantly. It pays well to be honest and rise in laphroaig will testify it. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this

  10. Nic

    Yes, and we are very much okay with this type of campaign. I hope this sets a standard in this greedy advertising mud. Good work laphroaig, I really appreciate your efforts here. Thanks
    Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing

  11. Daniel

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    I am glad that you have written about them. This indeed is a very smart campaign and should earn them good fan base. I want to see more of these campaigns coming from other brands in near future but till then, well done Laphroaig.

  12. Ben

    Good deal Laphroaig, this campaign makes a lot of sense…Hope there are many more to follow in the same league…Well done Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

  13. Adam

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    This is simple yet effective, putting things the way they are…In a world of exaggeration this campaign comes as a pleasant surprise… Well Done!

  14. James

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    The last line ‘Lets all raise a glass to Laphroaig’s creative team’ sums up everything. It is a good initiative, detailed and to the point. One of the best Ad campaign to have come out in last few years. Well Done!

  15. Ryan

    This is brilliant…I think most of what I wanted to say is already covered in the above mentioned comments and remarks and this speaks a volume about Laphroaig new campaign…Well done and well written Howard Davidson Arlington MA…

  16. Adam

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, going by the response on your post, I think they already have gained a huge fan fare for themselves. Yes, it is a clever and honest campaign which deserves all the success….Thanks for sharing….

  17. Steve

    How real and beautiful this ad is…Every time I see it, I wish that more and more companies should follow this route. Good Work Laphroaig. You have written this well Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

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