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Kraft Reboots Struggling Jell-O Brand

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For the second time in 18 months, Kraft has completely rebooted the marketing strategy for the troubled Jell-O brand.

Kraft Reboots Struggling Jell-O Brand

As processed foods continue to fade into marketplace oblivion, Kraft Foods is yet again rebooting their flailing Jell-O brand. The new campaign is called “Made with JELL-O-V-E” (I bet they were up all night thinking of that one…), and the brand claims the focus is on “incredible bonding moments between parents and their kids.”

So, sure, that’s a nice statement and all – until you actually watch the ad. The entire spot is shots of Jell-O in different shapes, until a one-second shot of a father/daughter duo at the very end. I sure didn’t notice any “incredible bonding moments.”

Furthermore, the spot is accompanied by a horrendously obnoxious song, in which the word ‘more’ is repeated a whopping 18 times in the ad’s brief 30 seconds. That is a whole lot of ‘more.’ Less ‘more,’ please.

I don’t see how this campaign re-positions the Jell-O brand one bit. The whole thing is based on “Hey, look at all the silly shapes Jell-O can make!” – a fact that has been well-established about Jell-O for about 150 years.

Jell-O sales fell by 8.5% in 2013, and by another 7.2% last year. They’re going to need a whole lot more than this dead-on-arrival campaign to change that trend.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. George

    Yeah, that is true Howard Davidson Arlington MA, Jell O is struggling and struggling very bad and the way you have described their new campaign, I am not sure if that is going to be of any help to them. Lets see if they can turn the tables around, which at the minute looks very narrow.

  2. Michael

    Yeah, same old technique, projecting your product as something it is not. I wish they could have come up with something better but thanks for the share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  3. Richard

    Come on Kraft, you certainly need more than this. I am not sure if this will revive your fading fortunes in the market. Good information to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  4. Victor

    I know, Kraft really need something innovative to capture the imagination of customers in market but unfortunately this campaign isn’t going to turn their fortune. Let’s hope they find something good real soon. Thanks for sharing this article Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  5. Aaron

    Well you can’t blame Kraft for not trying but the problem is whatever they are coming up with isn’t working for them. As you mentioned Howard Davidson Arlington MA they have tried few things in last few years but it seems they have to come up with something out of the box to stable their dipping performance.

  6. Robert

    Well you have to feel for Kraft. They are trying mighty hard but nothing is working for them. Unfortunately this latest commercial also isn’t going to bring them any good news. Let’s hope they come up with something good real soon. Thanks for the share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  7. Sam

    I am afraid this is not what Kraft was expecting from this campaign. They simply aren’t getting it right. I am not sure if market opinion will change about processed food. So really don’t see how they will come out of this. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  8. Hamish

    Kraft tried their best but I am not sure if that is enough especially at the time when the market reviews are against you, you need something better. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  9. Henry

    I am sure Kraft would have expected more out of this. Though this campaign does present them differently but it isn’t enough. I am afraid this will not help them save their dipping image in the markets. Good information to share though Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  10. Victor

    People will say that Kraft should have come up with something more expressive but to be honest they didn’t have much options. They tried to make the best out of what they had which unfortunately wasn’t much. Let’s hope for better results in their future campaigns. Good topic to write and talk about Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  11. David

    Well, a lot can be said for and against this campaign but in reality it had failed to boost up the image of the brand. I am not critical of Kraft as I really don’t think that they could have done much here. This is an informative article by you Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  12. Adan

    Kraft sure is a huge brand, Howard Arlington MA. We all know that they have some serious money and can make Jell-O jiggle. Kraft sure does keep keep rolling out good marketing campaigns. Not sure if they will succeed with Jell-O-brand. The overall mood in the market for this niche is not favorable so not sure how they will deal with it. Appreciate your writing here as always, Howard Davidson Arlington MA, Mister Jell-O authority!

  13. Dan

    Couple of years ago I loved eating Jell-O but not anymore. I am not sure why it is maybe more health awareness or something else but I know for sure that Kraft will not be able to turn this around. Tough to digest but it is true. Good info Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. Nice work with your Kraft Reboots Struggling Jell-O Brand article, Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

  14. Eoin

    Well I know Kraft will get a lot of flak for failing in this venture but to be honest what option they had? They were working with a brand that had lost its sheen and the momentum of the market was also not in their favor. They did what they could, which unfortunately wasn’t enough. Good article to talk about Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  15. Michael

    Well put in words Howard Davidson Arlington MA, though Kraft had given it its best shot but I don’t think it is going to be enough. Sadly the marketing mood towards such products is changing very fast. So, nothing much anyone can do. Good article though!

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