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Kleenex Celebrates Random Acts of Tissue Kindness

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The #KleenexCare campaign doesn’t sneeze at encouraging people to share stories of random acts of tissue kindness.

Kleenex Random Acts

A friend told Kleenex brand manager Jon Kruesi about a stranger giving her a tissue as she was sniffling on the subway. Now, Kruesi’s team is taking stories just like that one, and making them the focus of the brand’s #KleenexCare winter campaign.

Cold and flu season is obviously a big deal to companies that sell tissues. To coincide with the onset of fall, Kleenex has launched a new campaign, aimed at getting consumers to share their stories of random acts of tissue kindness. The effort spans digital and social media, but the centerpiece is a smart, succinct 30-second TV spot.

In the ad, a young man and an old woman sitting at a bus stop share the last tissue in a pack of Kleenex. The message is straightforward, and the delivery is suitably simple. The spot generates a few of those “warm and fuzzies,” while simultaneously serving as a reminder to add packs of Kleenex to the shopping list.

It would be very easy for a spot like this to dive head-first into overwrought cheesiness, but the ad from JWT New York makes the smart play. The music is lighthearted, and the spot contains no dialogue, except for a quick voiceover at the end. Simplicity sells, and this message is about as uncomplicated as it gets.

At some point over the next few months, every one of us will be reaching for the tissues. Kleenex just wants to remind us to have them on hand – and, of course, to buy their brand.


Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  1. Ricky

    Aaaaaachhuuuuuu…can someone please pass me a Kleenex …Marketing and their gimmicks there is no end to it. Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts you did a good job here by writing about this, I am sure not many have seen this ad on TV yet.

  2. Vicky

    Yes, I heard about this campaign from my friend last night, well to me it is just another marketing tactic to attract customers around. But you did a good job Howard Davidson Arlington MA with your article here.

  3. Harris

    Okay, I have heard enough about this random act of kindness…To me, this is a random act of marketing where emotions are raised using some strange tactics. Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you share some good points here, but for Kleenex, they are on my last nerve.

  4. P Clark

    Kleenex is the first established brand that comes to my mind when I think of tissues, and probably the only brand I can even think of. Though it’s a moral feeling. And, nothing to sneeze at Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

    I think it’d be even more effective if they offered some incentive like a one-year supply for sharing their Kleenex stories.

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