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Inflation Finally Hits McDonald’s

  • Sumo

Standard economics with inflation had finally hit the fast food mogul McDonald’s.


Higher wages and the rising cost of meat among other things have caused McDonald’s price hike. These increases in prices could be pushing eaters away from the unhealthy burger chain and toward the somewhat unhealthy fast casual restaurants like Denny’s and Chili’s.

The “Dollar Menu” is becoming more of the Couple of Dollars Menu as it now includes items that cost more than $1. Personally, I am okay with this because any patty of meat that costs less than the change found between my couch cushions raises several red flags.

United States McDonald’s sales fell 2.8% in the month of August alone according to a report from IBISWorld Inc. This comes while casual-dining chains like Chili’s are advertising cheap lunches for under $10. The competition has gotten as stiff as a McDonald’s stale bun. McDonald’s might have to trade in its golden arches for bronze.

I have to agree with the statistics. I try to stay away from fast food, especially McDonalds, by any means necessary. No amount of money is worth the gut-wrenching stomachache or the excessively long trip to the bathroom that ensues shortly after scarfing down a Big Mac.   Fortunately, there isn’t a McDonald’s in Arlington, MA.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Neela

    Well, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts as kid, I remember going to McDonald’s with my whole family and eating in our car. I swear everything on the menu was well below a buck. But back then, they just had burgers and fries. Then came apple pies. And darn those were good. Prices change. Times change. McDonald’s has to pay their bills too. Yeah, I heard that there are no McDonald’s in Arlington, MA. Poor Howard Davidson.

  2. Joshua

    McDonald’s is still the go-to cheap source for families everywhere, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. McDonald’s is cheap, fast, friendly and actually has some nutritious value. They have cool toys sometimes too.

    What happened to them recently was only a matter of time and here you go, Howard Davidson Arlington MA!. “Tempora mutantur” as they say.

  3. leader123

    Well, honestly speaking Howard Davidson Arlington MA, this is a great point you have raised. I am experiencing the same kind of issue now-a-days. I’m addicted to fast food, cheap prices and McDonald’s. I’m a student so I can’t afford higher priced places.
    You are lucky indeed that you don’t have McDonald’s in Arlington MA and you don’t have to restrain yourself from the temptation.

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA