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Hyundai Gets Creepy with ‘Exobaby’

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Hyundai takes the ‘babies in commercials’ trope a bit too far with their creepy ‘Exobaby’ spot.

If the whole ‘babies in commercials’ trope isn’t the lowest common denominator in marketing, I’m not sure what is. Okay, it’s probably still sex. Sex sells, and we all know that. Still, one has to wonder how low the team at The Viral Factory was aiming with this one.

Hyundai Gets Creepy with ‘Exobaby’

Look, I get it, I really do. Lots of people in that sweet spot of the late-20s, early-30s demographic have just had kids of their own, or at least they’re thinking about it. What better way to appeal to their sensibilities than with creepy, computer-animated versions of the little rugrats running around their own houses, right?

Wrong, I say! Haven’t people seen enough E-Trade commercials to wise up to this sort of campaign? While this particular spot does at least try to combine science-fiction themes into its CGI baby-fest, the video is still obnoxious. Oh look! The baby has a “smart trunk” that allows for easy “unloading,” get it?!

Furthermore, as if the ad didn’t make it obvious enough already, Hyundai feels the need to spell it all out for you at the end of the spot, with this infuriatingly pandering line: “The baby in the suit is you in a new Hyundai!” How would anyone dumb enough to miss that incredibly obvious message have enough money to buy a new car?

A full 25% of people who have viewed the ad on YouTube gave it a thumbs-down, which is a pretty darn high ratio for a TV spot. On the flip side, the video has over 6.5 million total views, so what do I know?

Maybe I’m alone on this, but I feel like Hyundai has some growing up to do.

Having none of this….  Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Shaun

    This indeed is creepy, I checked the commercial and found it disappointing. For a brand of such stature this kind of publicity is very lame. Well picked and commented Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  2. Jeromy

    Oppsss….I am afraid they have got it wrong this time. This doesn’t represent the class or standard this brand stands for. I hope, they will come out with something better next time around to entertain their audiences.

  3. Ryan

    This is as bad as it can get….Really no words to describe this. You have written and described it well Howard Davidson Arlington MA…I hope, they put in a better effort next time.

  4. Gary

    Yes, they have got it wrong this time around. I watched this commercial yesterday and found it ugly. Hope they will find a way to come up with something better so that the memory of this one fades away quickly. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for mentioning this in your blog

  5. Cameron

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, you have put it down correctly. Hyundai fans wouldn’t be delighted with this ad campaign. This is flawed at some many levels. I hope they come up with something better real soon this seriously can garnish their reputation as a brand.

  6. Brad

    Have to agree with all the comments and your post here Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts…Hyundai have failed miserably with this campaign…they have come up with some great ideas in past but unfortunately this is not one of them.

  7. Clark

    The baby is cute but can’t say the same about the commercial. It is wrong in more than one ways and Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts you have covered most of it in your blog….Well done!

  8. Alex

    Well picked out Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts…I agree to what majority of people had to say on this post. I also think that this ad leaves a bad taste and Hyundai as a brand could have come up with something better. Hope they will learn their lessons and will give us something better in future,,,,

  9. Aron

    Hahahaa…Some of the comments on this post are absolutely hilarious and I agree with most of them…Hyundai this time around had simply blew this up…I am sure they are realizing this now, but till the time they come up with something new they have to bear with this….Excellently written Howard Davidson Arlington MA…

  10. Alex

    I am afraid but it is as ugly as it can get. This commercial made no sense and delivered absolutely nothing…Not good on the part of a brand that consider itself a trend setter…Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA….

  11. Andrew

    Yes, you are right on this Howard Davidson Arlington MA…this indeed looks creepy…I hope Hyundai will come up with something interesting next time…

  12. James

    You have written a very good article here Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. This Ad is poor and fails miserably to connect with its users. I am sure a note of it will be taken and something more constructive will be made next time.

  13. Todd

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you have got it spot on with your heading here. Indeed, this new commercial of Hyundai is creepy. They had delivered some good commercials before but this unfortunately is not one of them.

  14. Victor

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    Very good article this. You have have analysed this very well. Yes, I have seen this commercial and agree to what you have written about it. I am sure they will get this correct next time but for the time being they have to bear with this.

  15. Dave

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    Hyundai had always pride itself for being the most affordable and innovative brand. However, for this ad they had spent a good money and got poor results and that is what makes it so ironic. Better luck next time.

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