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Huggies Offers “12 Hour Protection” To Save Its Butt

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Huggies is offering “12 Hour Protection” in a campaign to save its butt at parent company Kimberly-Clark, and offer value to baby butts everywhere.

Huggies Offers "12 Hour Protection" To Save It’s Butt

The personal care brand will re-launch Huggies Snug & Dry, its least expensive line of caca catchers. Kimberly-Clark is arguing that with the Snug & Dry line, parents will see improved absorbency, which means more diaper dung for your dollar.

“We’re focusing on what more value-minded moms want from diapers, which is really the best protection at the best value,” says Giusy Buonfantino, president of North America Baby & Child Care at K-C.”So you’ll see a lot more clarity on the products, on the packaging, on claims.” is selling the Snug & Dry at under 21 cents per diaper. That’s if you want to be really grown up and order a 192-count Size 4 pack using the “Subscribe & Save” discount.

The Snug & Dry relaunch makes way for an “Ultra” product. This dapper diaper comes with a “unique quilted liner” for extra poop protection.

Ultra is still priced for ultra value coming in (or out) at 22 cents per diaper. If it lives up to its hype of lasting 12 hours, Ultra diapers will cost less than 2 cents per hour. Nothing quite like dollarizing a wage for your baby’s backside buddy.

An interesting part of this whole diaper discussion is the tie-in with e-commerce and the mobile web. Not only is the digital space growing like crazy, but it’s also allowing brands like Huggies to advertise online. And with millennial parents already doing a chunk of their shopping online, diapers have gone digital.

The Chairman-CEO of Kimberly Cline, Tom Falk, spoke on the company’s recent earnings call saying that the relaunched Snug & Dry lineup will hit the stores by the end of April. He also mentioned that new advertising will crawl alongside the relaunch.

Falk said he doesn’t believe that lower gas prices will free up diaper dollars. Okay, he just used gas and diapers in the same sentence.

Time will tell if this campaign doesn’t stink.

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  1. Rory

    Good article, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Wonder where you get all this information from. You sure stay on top of marketing and advertising trends. Or shall I say that you sniff out all the poop — from Huggies and more! Thanks for sharing. Diaper and potty talk is always cool.

  2. Jim

    If I recall, Huggies aome up with something like this some years ago but that stint didn’t go well. I hope this time around they get it right. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Keep the poop coming.

  3. Grant

    Well, just a kind of offer I was looking for. I have a new born and am I sure I can use some of these for him. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this information.

  4. James

    Aaah, Huggies. A mega brand. So much money spent on babies. A huge market for sure. Diapers will never go away. Huggies is a huge brand that has a corner on the market, butts and poop. HA! And who doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy when they see an ad with babies? Good stuff here, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  5. Andre

    My wife is absolutely going to adore this. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this. We have a young one and this is exactly what we were looking for. Hope this will give us some peaceful nights. Thanks again

  6. Rod

    Thanks Huggies for thinking about us parents, we are extremely delighted that you have come up with something like this. Trust me as a parent I know how painful it can become if your kid is not comfortable in his/her nappies. Thanks for sharing this Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  7. Ryan

    Now that’s a cool product. At last someone has heard the plea of sleepless parents. I am sure this will be a popular product for this brand. Well Done! Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA sharing this with us.

  8. Darren

    This is a remarkable product for us parents. God bless huggies for coming up with something like this. It can really become difficult at times with kids especially in situations like this. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this article.

  9. Gary

    This is such a good product, I have been using it for my little kid and it works. A lot of my and my wife troubles have been sorted ever since the launch of this product. Good deal this Huggies. Good article to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  10. Shaun

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    Thanks for sharing this article. I had used this product from Huggies for my little kid and it works. I will not say it gives a 12 hours protection but still it lasts longer than most others. Good product…

  11. Jannet

    Huggies as a brand always had my vote. I used it for my elder son as well and now for my little daughter also I am very happy with it. This new product of their is even better than their existing one. Very Well done to this brand. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

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