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Howard Davidson Arlington MA

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA

howard davidson arlington ma

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

I’m Howard Davidson, a marketer from Arlington, Massachusetts.

By day, I help companies tout their brand so they get leads and awarebess. I also spend time being easily annoyed by bad user experience design, content that lacks value or unique differentiation, and people who ask what I am doing for the weekend on a Thursday morning. Then there are those who incessantly talk about the weather. Wait, how about the people who spend 10 minutes stirring a cup off coffee at Starbucks, when I am waiting behind them? Yeah, I have some issues with tolerance.

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“Tolerance means many things to different people; maybe I am more intolerant than others, although I like to think I am just highly observant. How’s that? It’s much better than using a buzzword.”

Marketing today is all about buzzwords. The problem is the wordiness. That’s where I step in. I help companies cut through the noise and make the appropriate choices to gain market and mind share. You might say I have all the answers. (Absolutely).

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing. For example, take Bernie and Phyl (no really, take them, please). As corny as the dynamic duo may seem, they are personable and relate to Middle America. I’ll admit; I have gone there once, maybe twice, on their promise of chocolate chip cookies. People like cookies. Bernie and Phyl figured out what people like and understand marketing. It needs to be relatable, personable and appropriate.

Bernie and Phyl relate to their customers and bribe them with cut-rate cookies. It works. It’s hard to go wrong when “cookies” are the potential solution, but even large companies find ways to market atrociously, especially online. Websites that load slowly are something else that annoys me. The immediate turnoff is their nonresponsive design. However, even those are favorable to the sore-eye visuals that continue to get released under the guise of “websites”. Marketing trends continually lean towards simplicity and ease, yet companies still ignore their customers’ needs. I’m all for simplicity, so allow me to be in charge marketing and the entire ruckus.

 Howard Davidson Arlington MA

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA