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If You Are Happy, Coke Says You Should Be Moving

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By Howard Davidson Arlington MA

If you are you happy because you watch commercials? Do you watch commercials because you are happy? If you watch Coca-Cola’s new ad, you’ll see that if you are happy, Coke says you should be moving.

8-22 Coke_Jump Jacks

With advertising animation guru Johnny Kelly at the helm, the ad follows the happy life of a guy who apparently loves to do jumping jacks…

…all while a singer in the background ceaselessly repeats the formula line “I was happy because I was blah-blah, I was blah-blah because I was happy.” Certainly pounds the ad message right in there. Coke is integrating a socially responsible “be healthy” message in its “open happiness” advertising campaign.

Admirable, Mr. Kelly, but you don’t have a winner at the Cannes this time like you did with Chipotle’s “Back to the Start”. No tearjerker Willy Nelson cover in the background? No cutesy pill-shaped piggies walking around on tiny stick legs moving super-fast? Also, what’s with the love-making scene:

Howard Davidson Arlington MA  

If you really want people to slim down, tell them to stop drinking Cokes every day, though I guess that competes with your interests a tad. Maybe you can use this random Coke ad filmed by high school kids in their school gym.

I’ll make sure to be doing jumping jacks the next time I “open happiness.” Check Back For More – Howard Davidson Arlington MA



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  1. leader587

    I agree with you Mr. Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. Coco Cola is trying to seek the attention of people by attempting different tactics. Youngsters are desirous to drink coke as much as they can. It has become a symbol of fashion but surreptitiously a cause of many silent deaths too.
    If I just consider my own situation, I was addicted to coke. I used to drink 5 canes a day. But soon I suffered from the muscular weakness. I stopped drinking coke and searched on internet the side effects of these drinks. Indeed, the search results shocked me. It can cause many health problems. They are inviting people to risk their lives by producing such perilous carbonated drinks.

    Here’s to a good glass of sugar, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

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