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Gillette Rolls Out The Most Expensive Razor

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Gillette has announced a new, swiveling ball-hinge razor, which — starting at $11.49 — will be one of the most expensive razors on the market.


First it was two blades. Then six. Now Gillette’s latest razor is taking men’s shaving technology into whole a new dimension.  And boy is it costly.

Gillette is on a roll  to change the way men shave  with a new handle design that they claim to be revolutionary.   Their new FlexBall handle promises to give a closer shave by allowing the blades to follow the contours of your face. This new handle works with the existing ProGlide blade cartridges that we have come to know since 2010.

This new FlexBall technology behaves like a ball-joint, creating a new side-to-side pivot allowing the blades to move more freely.  This new design acts sort of like a cars independent suspension system making it more comfortable and responsive, according to Gillette.

The steep price tag comes at a difficult time in the men’s grooming industry. Procter & Gamble holds a 40 percent share of the disposable razor market where revenues have fell 3.7 percent in the last year. The company has blamed these declining results on the rising popularity of facial hair.

With the struggle to grab more market shares the razor industry is always up to something in the attempt to sell more blades. New companies such as the Dollar Shave Club have begun to establish themselves as a less expensive alternative to the more traditional strategy of selling cheap handles and pricey cartridges.

Gillette is looking to bank on men’s shaving habits where comfort and perceived sex appeal trump costs. Is this merely an over-advertised gimmick to regain control of the market, or is this new design a step forward in preventing the five o’clock shadow we all despise?


  1. I am a fan of Gillette

  2. Rabbi

    Ok ok. I admit it. I bought one!

  3. Khan Mohammed

    So I should spend more money to cut my face?

  4. Tommy

    $11 for a Razor??? Are they kidding me…I am Gillete Fan but this deal is bit silly to me. But I am sure there are people who will grab on to this offer So good luck to them.. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for letting us know about this.

  5. Brad

    Well Done Gillette! This is such a nice achievement by you guys and I am sure this new product of yours will also be a great success. Good words Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you presented this post well…

  6. Mason

    A friend of my mine bought it a few days ago and says it is brilliant…Maybe, it is worth a price it is quoted for…I am not sure whether I will buy it or not but what about you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts??

  7. Darren

    You mentioned got it right Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, Gillette is indeed on a roll….I heard it somewhere that despite such a high price this razor is doing well in the markets. It is a branded name and have earned its respect. So, well done and keep rolling…Gillette and Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

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