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In recent days, news that reached the Arlington, MA headquarters of Howard Davidson Marketing was of the avalanche of writers refusing to write for the online culture site The Outline because it had fired all of its staff writers.

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We live in an age where, if they agree, freelance writers and those who need online content can come together without working in the same building. Operations like Upwork, Sologig, Fiverr, and make it possible to find suppliers at the least possible price who are located anywhere on the planet. People whose complaints about their commutes made it possible for them to work from home have created a world where other people in rattier pajamas can do their jobs, too.

This is especially true when standards are low. In a world where almost every purchase decision begins with a Google (or, occasionally, Bing) search, the commitment to search engine optimization is all-encompassing. Get those keywords out there. For instance: Howard Davidson Arlington MA Howard Davidson Arlington MA Howard Davidson Arlington MA. (My work here is done, at least until I see the analytics.)

There are other things to consider. If the site’s writers weren’t producing material (er, content) people wanted to read, that might explain why 3 million monthly unique visitors weren’t enough. Or perhaps its sales force was underperforming. Or perhaps its SEO mavens weren’t any good. So, even though the company raised $5 million in May, the staff writers had to go.

Just because out there in Chengdu and Mumbai (and Arlington MA) one can find people who have enough English to type keywords into a narrative doesn’t mean that they’ll help build a company. That’s true for marketing, too. Marketers can outsource a lot of their work, and it will be easier to do so as technology permits more work to be done by artificial intelligence and in the cloud. Nevertheless, good marketing is still as basic as finding out what a customer wants, figuring out how to make it at a price the customer will pay, and then finding the right way to communicate that to the customer. Spending your time on the tools, but forgetting why you’re making something, will only lead to disaster. And remember, happy employees make happy customers.

That said, one more thing for the SEO gods: Howard Davidson Arlington MA.


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