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Dr. Pepper and Walmart Team Up with College Football to Score Shoppers

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Dr. Pepper teamed up with Walmart to push mobile shopping during the college football playoffs.

Dr. Pepper and Walmart

With new studies indicating that mobile advertising uniquely captures millenials’ attention, many brands are re-focusing on mobile marketing. To no one’s surprise, the college football playoffs drew millenials to the TV in droves, and Dr. Pepper capitalized on the opportunity.

The soda brand teamed up with Walmart to create “The College Football Play Book,” a mobile campaign aimed at helping consumers get ready to host football watch parties. In addition to the first-ever college football playoffs, early January is already a high-volume period for Walmart, due to re-stocking after the holidays.

Dr. Pepper also brought in their hilarious brand spokesman Larry Culpepper – the soda-slinging stadium concessionaire – for a video ad. The 30-second TV spot seamlessly ties together Dr. Pepper with Walmart and college football, tracking Larry’s quest through Walmart to prepare for his game day party.

To raise the campaign’s profile even further, prizes including tickets to the playoff games enticed consumers to participate. Additionally, Walmart incorporated major in-store Dr. Pepper pallet displays to their retail layout.

I’m a big fan of the Larry Culpepper character, so this campaign was a touchdown in my book. (See what I did there? I’m so clever.) A Dr. Pepper spokesman said that “soft drinks and beer makers have long established their place. Now it’s about awareness and fun experiences.”

Targeting millenials with a humorous campaign – and one with major prizes, at that – is a wise move by Dr. Pepper, given the declining landscape for soda sales in general. Capturing youthful consumers is an absolute necessity if soda brands want to remain relevant.

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  1. Thomas

    Dr Pepper and Walmart, now that’s a deadly combination. The partnership of two had delivered a an excellent result. Good job and thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for writing and sharing it.

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    Hmmm…This will be interesting.. I wasn’t aware about this partnership thanks Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for sharing this.

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    I think they have got this right. I saw this commercial yesterday and found it quite appealing, well done! Good Article share Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts….

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    Unique idea and an interesting combination. With Walmart in there, I am sure they will come up with something appealing. Let’s see, how it goes.. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

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    Its a good ad, I am not sure how it will help the business, still a good concept. An article worth sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  6. Rusty

    Yes, you are right Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. They really need to connect with youth. I hope with this combination they are able to revive some profits. Good informative article.

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    Dr pepper is desperate to get something going for its brand. I hope this association with Walmart help him achieve the goals they are seeking. Good information shared Howard Davidson Arlington MA

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    Well, this could just work like a perfect tonic for Dr Pepper. Walmart is smart and they will definitely work out a way to get popular among their targeted audience. I can see some happy times coming for the new alliance. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

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    Walmart, Dr Pepper and Larry Culpepper now that is some combination. Dr Pepper must be hoping that this combination will bail them out of the trouble they find themselves in and I wish them all the luck. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

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