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Dollar Shave Club Offers Less-Terrifying Shopping Experience

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Dollar Shave Club’s new ads trump up the inconveniences of buying razors at the store, offering their less-terrifying service as an alternative.

Dollar Shave Club Offers Less-Terrifying Shopping Experience

Dollar Shave Club slices through the competition with their sharp new ads, exaggerating the inconvenience of shopping for razors using traditional avenues. As you may have guessed from the company’s name, Dollar Shave Club is a cheaper alternative to buying razors at a retail store. What you may not have guessed is the dangers you can avoid as a subscriber.

The over-the-top humor is present in each of the four new TV spots. Two of the ads focus on the danger of buying razors from brick-and-mortar retailers, with would-be razor shoppers ending up tazed, or punched below the belt.

The other spots highlight the hassle and expense of buying traditional razors. All of the spots work, with varying levels of success. My personal favorite is one in which a man quite literally loses his shirt – and nearly everything else he’s wearing – in an attempt to cover the high price of a box of razors.

I haven’t tried Dollar Shave Club myself, but I have a few friends that use the service. They all universally praise it, much like I’m giving my stamp of approval to all four of the brand’s new TV spots. The humor is directly topical and relevant to the product, and none of the jokes fall flat.

Maybe the time has come for me to try Dollar Shave Club. After all, it’s much safer to stay home and get my razors in the mail than to risk violent retail employees with tranquilizer darts.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Robin

    Well I have tried Dollar shave club Howard Davidson Arlington MA, so if you want to take my word on it all I would say is that it is brilliant. Just try it once and you will know it for yourself.

  2. James

    It’s a good initiative by Dollar Club. I haven’t used it myself but have heard a lot about it…Good to see an article on this…But come on, Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you never said what razor you use!

  3. Colton G

    Hey there, Howard Davidson Arlington, MA,

    I always thought the captive pricing of replacement razors is quite a smart idea to get you using a shaver brand for long term, but it becomes so unpleasant when it becomes a monopoly. They found a great niche that is rather unexploited, and it’s such a humble (and amusing!) way to break the razor market captivity.

  4. Ethan

    Well, I don’t shave my face… I have a beard that I just trim with a body hair trimmer. But I am 28 years old and mostly bald so to avoid the twice my age look I shave my head. I really do hate having to pay an “arm and a leg” for razors to get a good, close, safe shave on my head that lasts and doesn’t leave my with two dozen nicks and cuts. And cruddy razors just stink. I have several friends that use DSC, at least according to who on my FB friend list likes them. I seriously might consider giving them a try. A nice smooth scalp is seriously appealing! Gotta go for it! Thanks for the tip Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

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