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Das Woofwagon: Volkswagen’s Canine Alter Egos For Cars

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Disclaimer:  I am not a canine fan.  I do own a Volkswagen.   I do not own a Woofwagen.

Okay, so… dew things go together as well as Volkswagens and dog-lovers. Well, it finally seems that Volkswagen has picked up on this social trend: for their new ad campaign in the UK, the German automaker is rolling out 36 dogs – each one embodying a different Volkswagen model.

The canine and 4 wheel campaign by adam&eveDDB was rolled out during the October 19th episode of The X-Factor, with four five-second teaser videos followed by a one-minute spot. The campaign’s focal point, however, is a website that displays all of Volkswagen’s cars – or rather, their respective dog avatars. Users can compare cars by looking at the canines that supposedly embody the aesthetic character of each car.

This campaign is a clever and effective way to tap into a demographic that, by all anecdotal accounts, already loves Volkswagens: the hip, urban dog owner. It may not be the most scientifically accurate advertisement (though admittedly, the Touareg does have a vague resemblance to a St. Bernard), but it does suggest a quietly convincing bit of ad logic: dog owners love their canines whether they’re big or small, shaggy or sleek. Volkswagen seems to be hoping that they’ll feel the same way about their mid-size sedans.

Yes, I am an enigma.

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