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Burger King Serves A Smartphone With Every Value Meal

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Cheap dreams do come true. Burger King now serves a smartphone with every value meal.

Burger King really wants you to download their app. How badly? They’re willing to give you a free phone to do it. “Would you like fries with that?” has somehow morphed into, “Would you like phone with that?” Technology has officially run amok.

Burger King

The app itself is your usual fast-food company tie-in. There’s some decent coupons, but that’s about it. Other features include a store locator – a worthless feature when you consider that Google has been finding Burger Kings for you for years now – and an option to pay with your phone. I’ve never understood the whole pay-by-phone thing. My credit card is in the same pocket and is more convenient to use.

The catch here is every bit as obvious as you’d expect. The ‘free phone’ bargain requires a new or upgraded two-year contract with Sprint, Verizon or AT&T. You still have to pay activation fees, deposits and all that fun stuff. There is literally zero benefit to ordering your new phone through Burger King, as opposed to going to the actual phone store.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that Burger King is running the promotion online. A company spokesman said that the fast-food powerhouse is hoping “this will attract a new type of customer, a younger generation that’s more tech savvy, to come into our restaurants.” Am I missing something here? Even if this new target market was attracted by this deal, they don’t have to go within 10 miles of a Burger King restaurant to take advantage of it. They can – and would – simply sign up online.

Cell-phone service providers have been offering free phones with activation for years. Burger King gives the consumer no reason to obtain one through this promotion. Therefore, I’m going to predict that this campaign will flop faster than you can say “chicken fries.”

And of course I am not saying that I have even seen the inside of a BK in many a decade.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. T.David

    Awe some Apps.. I like it very much..

  2. James

    I must use this app

  3. Mark

    It hasn’t been the best of years for Burger King. First their annual profits showed a bit of dip and then their popularity on social media platforms went down. I hope this App can somewhat salvage their year. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, I might just go in to have a smartphone ooopsss I mean a Burger!

  4. Mark

    Wow Smartphones for eating burgers…Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this…Let me go and grab a bite!

  5. John

    Okay, first of all Burger King having an app is just stupid. Secondly, I would never, I repeat never get a phone through them, for any reason. Third, the BK in my town closed months ago, so I won’t have any reason to try this out. Also, I hate BK’s food. The only semi-decent food they had was their fries. Everything else was horrid. Yes, I truly hope this “flops”!

    Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  6. Andre

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    I am not a big Burger king fan and an offer to get smartphone isn’t going to change it either. So, irrespective how enticing this proposal is, I am not going for it. Good information to share though.

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