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Brita: Soda Turns Your Body Into Sugar Cube City

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Brita warns consumers that drinking a can of soda per day turns your body into sugar cube city.


The Brita water-filtration brand has a new spot that’s sure to stick with any soda drinker. The 30-second ad depicts a man stacking sugar cubes – starting with one can’s worth of sugar, and building up to 221,314 cubes. Why that number? According to Brita, that’s the amount of sugar consumed by a can-a-day soda drinker, over the course of an average lifespan.

With America currently in the throes of a full-on war against soda, it only makes sense for Brita to send some forces to the front lines. This spot is a very effective way to do just that. The dramatization of building a city of sugar within the human body is a simple, visually striking message. (I’m not even a soda drinker myself, and I still found the spot to be a bit alarming.)

In addition to the TV spot – produced by Omnicom DDB – Brita constructed a sugar cube city like the one in the ad. Requiring nearly four tons of sugar, the real-life model can be seen in New York City’s Chelsea Market. The brand plans to use content generated from the real-life sugar cube city to launch a social media campaign next year.

Soda companies are a bit of an easy target these days, but Brita still hit the bullseye. I find this spot to be far more effective than the uninspired “Cola Rain” ad Brita launched earlier this year. The message here is delivered with laser focus, as the pitch and the product align seamlessly.

Kudos to Brita. If I didn’t already have one of their pitchers in my fridge, I’d go buy one. (Maybe I’ll get a second one, just out of principle…)

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  1. Rajeev

    Good Stuff Brita ! and well written Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Way to go Howard Davidson Howard Davidson!

  2. Thomas

    Good Deal Brita! I just saw this commercial yesterday and loved it…Being a dietitian, I completely understand and support what Brita depicted in their ad.

    Well done Howard Davidson Arlington Ma for writing on this

  3. Andrew

    Had been avoiding soda ever since I saw this commercial so it did have a positive effect on me…Good Job Brita, and well written Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  4. Shane

    Soda was never good for health and Brita had just confirmed that…Kudos to them and good job
    Howard Davidson Arlington MA for writing about this campaign.

  5. Pete

    A very good initiative by Brita. I completely support their idea and the way it is presented…so well done…Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for writing about it, Good Job!

  6. James

    This is great. Soda is bad, both regular and diet. The sugar is bad, and so are the artificial sweeteners. The only things you should really drink are water and occasionally plant based protein milks like soy, almond, rice, etc. No juice, no milk, no soda, nothing. We add far too many junk calories, even one’s we think are “healthy” into our bodies each year. Learn about true proper nutrition people. Thanks for the insight Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  7. Frank

    I don’t see what the big deal about soda is. Yeah, the commercial is totally overwhelming and frightening, but I think the whole soda is bad thing is completely overblown. I’ve been drinking soda occasionally for years and I’m in great shape and not a pound overweight. The key to everything is moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  8. Samuels

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    Well we live in a world where everything has to be exaggerated if it needs its due recognition. I agree to what Frank has said. Yes Soda contains huge volume of sugar but if it is taken in right quantity, it is fine… Excess of anything is bad, leave alone soda.

  9. Shane

    Another commercial talking about the ill-effect of Soda. However, I didn’t find this that bad. I mean they have presented their thoughts well. It is a well designed concept and conveys its message properly. Good work Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, you have written this well… Now I know what’s shaking with Brita and how soda turns a body into Sugar Cube City!

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