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Brilliant Samsung Spot Shows Off Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen

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Samsung’s collage in motion illustrates the power of the new Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen.

Brilliant Samsung Spot Shows Off Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen is a versatile stylus. The S-Pen allows users to take written notes, which are then converted to typed text. That’s just the beginning of the stylus’ utility, though. The S-Pen boasts a wide variety of drawing and editing tools that take it far beyond the realm of a traditional stylus.

For their new video spot to promote the S-Pen, Samsung enlisted the directing team of Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, along with ad agency Heaven. The resulting two-minute video is a delightfully playful moving collage, which illustrates the S-Pen’s many functions.

Throughout the ad, the stylus morphs into a number of different devices, showing off the S-Pen’s versatility. The early-90’s music video aesthetic pairs well with a playful, modern electronic soundtrack, and there are plenty of very clever visual tricks. (My personal favorite is when the man reaches through the surface of his desk to grab a notebook from within.)

Personally, I’m not sure how many of these features I would ever actually use. The note-writing aspect could come in rather handy, but I don’t think I want to spend enough quality time with my phone to get into digital arts and crafts.

Still, the S-Pen is affordable ($29.99) and convenient (it stores within a special slot in the phone itself). Throw in some largely useless – yet moderately amusing – bonus features, and I can see Samsung moving plenty of S-Pens off the shelves.

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  1. Martin

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    Yes, I have seen this commercial and I am really inclined towards purchasing this pen. I think, it will add a great value and help me balance my co-operate affairs. Good article to write and share.

  2. Herath

    Yeah…Finally, something from Samsung to cheer about. Great design. Well Done! Thanks for sharing this Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  3. Christopher

    You have made a valid point here Howard Davidson Arlington MA that we don’t know how many features are actually useful to us but still at the price it is offered, I think it is a very good deal. I am sure having one for my own personal use.

  4. Jamie

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    Yes, this product looks interesting for the price it is being offered at in the market. I am not sure if I want to buy it, still a good product.

  5. Kevin

    $29.99 is not a bad price for a gadget that looks cool. I am die hard Apple fan but will compliment Samsung for this new product. Let’s see how it goes in terms of sales. Thanks for sharing this article Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  6. James

    At last something good from Samsung. I am sure this will be a huge hit among collage going youngsters. Price also looks reasonable. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing

  7. Steven

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  14. Francois

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  16. Mike

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  17. James

    This is a really cool pen, I have a friend who owns it and showed me how it works and It looked amazing. I haven’t bought because it is of no use to me still a good product to carry. Price also isn’t that bad. Good article this Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  18. Joe

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