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Arby’s Reminds Us They Sell Meat

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Arby’s has a new campaign that reminds us they sell meat.


Arby’s new campaign wants to make it clear that their food has meat in it. Emphatically challenging carnivorous consumers, the new slogan is: “We have the meats”. I guess nobody really bought the idea that Arby’s was somehow nutritious in any way, because the old tagline: “Slicing up freshness” got tossed like a rotten ham. This new strategy is supposedly  an effort to capture the youth fast food connoisseurs, as Arby’s average clientele can probably remember Eisenhower’s presidency very vividly. But if the whole Arby’s as a health food angle didn’t entice the young health conscious hipster demographic, who’s to say this will?

The TV spots that are spearheading this campaign contain no real surprises. Giant slabs of meat are displayed while a manly Ving Rhames voiceover brags about human’s ascendancy in the food chain and how Arby’s is our rightful prize. I just always thought eating Arby’s kind of made me go in the other direction evolution-wise. To be fair though, they are backing their bark up with a little bite. Mega Meat Stacks are coming with turkey, ham, roast beef and bacon. No word of freshness.

I think Arby’s should be worried, though, because its sterling reputation was threatened by being ranked in the bottom five sandwich and subs category by Consumer Reports. If it looks like a bad sandwich, if it tastes like a bad sandwich. . . You get the idea. With sagging sales and low quality grub, is a new meat amalgamation really going to be a saving grace? Especially when KFC replaces bread with fried chicken on their Double Down. Now those are the meats.

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    Wonderful . Amazing

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  3. Asa

    Even walking by Arby’s, I smell meat.

  4. Thomas

    Well said! You sure have a way with words, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

    Nothing like a good Arby’s beefy sandwich for a hungry man.

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