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Amazon Opens Doors in Manhattan

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Amazon is opening its doors with a  brick-and-mortar showroom in Manhattan.


Amazon – the undisputed king of online retailers – is expanding into the “real world.” The company is about to open its first brick-and-mortar storefront, right across the street from the Empire State Building. (The interior is white. Very, very white.)

The location of the store, in an extremely touristy area, leads me to believe that Amazon is treating it more as a novelty than as a serious business expansion. In other words, don’t expect an Amazon store to be coming soon to a city near you. Even if the storefront does killer business, I can’t imagine it making anything more than a tiny dent in Amazon’s bottom line.

At the end of the day, this physical location is essentially an interactive advertisement for Amazon’s services. Which is, admittedly, a rather forward-thinking concept. Here’s the part that really piques my curiosity: A passage from the Wall Street Journal states that the storefront “would function as a mini-warehouse, with limited inventory for same-day delivery within New York.”
Okay, now I’m listening. How can Amazon top their already lightning-fast free (with a Prime subscription) two-day shipping? Why, by putting warehouses in every big city to offer same-day delivery, of course! Genius. This is genius.

Additionally, the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service is expanding, adding New York to the short list of cities (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco) with access to the service. Pair that with this news about same-day Amazon shipping, and you’ve got something far more intriguing than a simple storefront. (Although, like I said before, the showroom is a rather clever piece of interactive marketing in its own right.)

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. I want to go see this Amazon store in Manhattan, Howard Davidson Arlington MA! Thanks for sharing this news. I didn’t know that Amazon was opening a store in New York. While I do love the ease of ordering online and getting next day shipping, I bet the store will be a cool experience. Thanks. Keep the news coming. (y)

  2. I’m torn. I really love how Amazon has revolutionized ecommerce. It’s fast, easy and they have everything. Amazon is awesome, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. But now a real store where I have to get in and out of my car? Parking too. I dunno. Not into it.

  3. Janey

    I sure did not know Amazon opened up its first offline retail location in Manhattan. I agree, this sounds like a forward interactive move that will boost Amazon’s online business. Great blog, very informative! Keep it up, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  4. Bruce J.

    I visit Manhattan twice a year, so I’m glad to see that Amazon is setting up big business there. I think this was a very strategic move in their expansion efforts.

  5. loken

    Really, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts? Amazon is taking over Manhattan! A brick and mortar store? Wow. Will be interesting to see if people browse or actually shop. Wonder if consumers will be asked for their email addresses at the register to help get more data for the money making e-commerce Amazon giant that we’ve all known to love.

  6. Ramya

    Awesome news for book lovers and gadget gawkers! Who doesn’t love Amazon? They have everything we look for. And now, everything will be right on the shelves. But will this work? People love the comfort and ease of e-commerce.

  7. latoya

    A actual Amazon store is neat idea. But how can I leave my comfy chair or couch? I hate to have to wait on long lines, find a park or even deal with cashiers. I think I’ll stay home and shop in my PJs, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

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