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Amazon Flexes One-Hour Delivery Service

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Amazon Prime Now is a new one-hour delivery service available in Manhattan, bringing anything from cereal to condoms right to your doorstep.

Amazon Flexes One-Hour Delivery Service

Sometimes, you just can’t wait more than an hour to have a karaoke machine delivered to your door. Thanks to Amazon’s new Prime Now service, we can finally say goodbye to the days of waiting more than 60 minutes for the acquisition of a 144-pack of condoms.

Currently only available in Manhattan, Amazon intends to expand the service in the near-future. Considering how fast Prime Now delivers products, it’s kind of amazing that the upcharge for one-hour delivery is a mere $8. (For those of you with an extra hour to play with, two-hour delivery is completely free.)

The campaign includes a smart, succinct one-minute video spot. The ad shows the entire process, from the customer placing their order, to warehouse employees gathering items. Finally, the package is delivered to the consumers – who, based on their smiles, we gather are pleased with the speed and efficacy of the service.

I will say that this service brings back not-so-fond memories of the Domino’s Pizza “30-minute guarantee,” which was discontinued in 1993. The ill-fated promise was abandoned when lawsuits began to pile up against Domino’s, due to accidents caused by delivery drivers.

Driver-safety concerns aside, I can’t be the only one waiting with bated breath for Prime Now to expand to my area. I’m sick and tired of waiting for more than an hour to get my five-pound jar of honey-roasted peanuts.

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  1. Paul

    This is Interesting…I am sure this will reap great success to Amazon who is already doing well in comparison to others in the same niche. I wonder how will big guns in retail sector will react to this…Good information Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts….

  2. Nathan

    Good work Amazon…It will be good,if you can extend this service to other cities as well. I purchase a lot from this store so to have my items delivered to me within 60 minutes will be awesome….Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for the information…

  3. Jamie

    Interesting idea by Amazon and I think they will able to pull it off in some cities but I don’t think this will work with most cities in United States. Still, you never know..Well Written Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts….

  4. Tim

    This is super cool idea by Amazon and if they are able to pull it off then sky is the limit. I stay in different city, still I am very much exited about this. Thanks for sharing the information Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  5. Gavin

    Good initiative by Amazon here..let’s see how far they are able to take it. Thanks for the information Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts..

  6. Brendon

    Good initiative by Amazon here. I believe, if they are able to pull this off this can result in massive profits. Well thought out decision. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing.

  7. Tuffy

    Its a smart move by Amazon and if it works it will take this company miles ahead of its competitors. All the luck to them. Thank you for sharing this information Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  8. Aaron

    Good Job Amazon. I sure they will pull this one nicely and once they do, they will expand. An innovative company with innovative ideas this is what separates them from rest others. Nice article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  9. Trent

    Good show Amazon. I have always admired their out of the box thinking. I am convinced that they will spread their wings in other parts of the cities as well and that too with great flair. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  10. Quinton

    Now this is going to send some shivers among the competitors. Amazon had shown their hand and have expressed their intent. Let’s see how others react to this. Well written Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  11. Andrew

    Yeah, Amazon had really flexed its muscles this time. I am sure they will carry this forward in other cities as well but for the time being it is very good. Good information this Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  12. Ed

    This can work in some less populated centers but not sure if it will be a success in big cities too. Still good initiative none the less. Good information Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  13. Lewis

    Well, didn’t we all see that coming. I am sure more companies will follow this trend so. Happy Shopping guys! Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  14. Vivian

    It seems that Amazon doesn’t want to leave any inch to their competitors. This is another step to conquer the domain in which they are already crowned. Good show Amazon….Good news to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  15. Zack

    That is Amazon’s amazing power. They are sweeping their competitors away and are doing it in style. Keep going, I will wait till they launch this service in my area in Texas. Heartening information this Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, thanks for sharing

  16. Germoon

    Well, this will just turn the game on its head. As it is seen from your comments, we know where this is heading and Amazon will make sure that they do it better than what others can think of. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  17. Bravo

    Well Amazon is a business machine, unstoppable and untiring. It is only going to get bigger and better, well done on this achievement. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  18. Mitchell

    Yeah, Amazon really flexes it big. Great going you terrific people. This is the brand I had always admired and I am really happy to see them going places. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  19. Alviro

    Well done Amazon, it has been a while since they had come up with something big and this is just a perfect start. I am sure this will extent to other cities very soon. All the luck for future and good writing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

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