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Adidas and High Schoolers Win with Hashtags

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Adidas rolled out a clever campaign that has high schoolers using hashtags to help the company win marketshare and mindshare.


The campaign is smart.  It’s set up like a March madness bracket and  pits 16 high school football teams from around the country against one another, with the entire winning team receiving pairs of Adidas’ new Adizero cleats.   Essentially, the campaign has high school football players across the U.S. to vote for the most cleat-worthy of 16 schools via Twitter and Facebook.

Adidas plays hard with marketing on and offline.  With the help of the Chirpify platform, Adidas came up with a brilliant voting system that engages and retains savvy higher school students so that they become brand influencers..   Only high school football players can vote, the idea being that the “spirit of competitiveness” will drive players to vote for a friends school, or against rivals, all the while publicizing a products desirability, exclusively to and by the products target demographic.  Aah, sweet peer pressure at play.

Like most peer-to-peer marketing campaign, Adidas is relying on players to evangelize the brand.  Friends will nominate friends from other high schools to spread the word organically, and so on.

The whole idea is pretty damn smart.  It’s a creative use of Twitters viral nature, it doesn’t waste capital by unintentionally advertising to people who will never buy football cleats (i.e. almost all of us), and considering how manipulative it actually is, the campaign doesn’t come off that way.

Within two weeks of launching the campaign, Adidas gained an additional 100,000 Facebook followers, and counting…





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    I must congratulate you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for choosing and writing on such a brilliant topic. Yes, Adidas indeed had come out with something interesting. It is far better than what other brands are doing to hog the limelight, so well done!

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    Now this is called smart stuff. One brilliant concept and you have World on your feet. I have seen some really pathetic attempts by advertisers to woo their audiences but this concept is brilliant and deserves all the accolades.

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