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Ad Council PSA Says “Love Has No Labels”

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A new Ad Council PSA hits hearts and raises awareness of subconscious prejudice with “Love Has No Labels” campaign.

Ad Council PSA Shows That “Love Has No Labels”On Valentine’s Day, the Ad Council filmed its new “Love Has No Labels” public service announcement in Santa Monica, California. In the three-minute video, pairs of people pose behind an oversized X-Ray screen.

The crowd on the other side of the screen watches as the couples’ skeletal projections dance, kiss and embrace. The twist? Some are bi-racial couples, some are homosexual, some showcase their religious beliefs – and the audience’s reactions are quite telling regarding why the Ad Council produced the spot to begin with.

People seem genuinely surprised to see two skeletons kissing, and then have both revealed to be women. The video’s YouTube description says that “While the vast majority of Americans consider themselves unprejudiced, many of us unintentionally make snap judgments about people based on what we see – whether it’s race, age, gender, religion, sexuality or disability.”

The PSA is part of the Ad Council’s year-long campaign against implicit bias, a form of subconscious prejudice that is unfortunately still deeply ingrained into American culture. The campaign also includes a website that aims to inform people on how to prevent implicit bias.

Prejudice has many different forms, some of which we’re not even actively aware of. So far, the Ad Council is doing a wonderful job of making people conscious of these implicit biases.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  1. Scott

    This is a wonderful campaign. It makes so much sense and is true to its voice. Really appreciate campaigns like this. Well done. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this.

  2. Kevin

    Yes this is really done well. This campaign had a very good charm about it and really conveyed its message well. Loved it to the core. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this.

  3. Glen

    True love is beyond, cast, color, creed and religion and this ad depicts that quite elegantly. It has all the elements that puts right perspective in a right way. Well done Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  4. Damien

    Yes, Love has no labels and language, it is a expression that should be left the way it is. This is a wonderful campaign in more than one way. Delightful work. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  5. Albie

    Yeah, they are doing a good job of it. Really respect the kind of campaign they are running and wish them all the success for the future. Thanks for this Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  6. Jade

    Wow, fascinating concept and very well put together by Ad council. I wasn’t aware about this, so whatever I know is from your article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. I think they should come up more of these concepts. They are really good and positive. Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. James

    Well this is a brilliant ad, conveying a logical message in a best possible way. This campaign has its heart in its place.Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  8. Steve

    Love has no language and it is true and this campaign brings that out in a very elegant way. Very good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  9. Freddy

    Love is best expressed when it is kept simple and this is exactly what this Ad does. It doesn’t try to complicate things and this is why it has worked out so well. Full credit to the creative team that is behind it. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  10. Chris

    Well, I really liked this campaign, it is so simple yet so powerful. It really depicts the message in a very positive way. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing.

  11. Adam

    There is nothing fascinating about this campaign and that is where it stands out. The creative team behind it always knew what they want and they delivered it spot on. Very well done indeed…Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA

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