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Snickers’ ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’- 1 for 2

Snickers’ ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign poses the question, “Why would someone want one Snickers for the price of two?” In Snicker’s latest campaign, BBDO New York developed a spoof banner ad offering one Snickers bar for the price of two. For those hungry (or distracted) enough to click on the deal, they are […]

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Let’s Talk About Deserted Islands

So let’s talk about deserted islands – places where, I can assure you, Howard Davidson has no desire to spend time. This came to mind after viewing the recent French Telecom ad, which compares losing a smartphone to being alone on Survivor’s Exile Island. When I misplace mine, I call it Marooned with Howard Davidson. […]

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Mary Kay Is No Longer in the Pink – Are You?

Here’s a question I had to ask myself today: Is Howard Davidson Marketing still in the pink?  I ask because Mary Kay is no longer in the pink. I was prompted to ask this question reading about the new promotional cars at Mary Kay Cosmetics. It’s well known that, from the get-go, founder Mary Kay […]

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA