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How To Kill Your Brand

How to kill your brand: Not a topic usually considered by marketers. I am thinking about how the streaming-content channel YouTube Red found itself needing to change its name. As brand names go, it wasn’t awful. YouTube has enormous name awareness. It IS the world’s second-most visited site, after all. And red’s a pretty color. […]

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JetBlue Has Taken Pizza Delivery to New Heights

If there’s one thing folks from Los Angeles are craving at any given time, it’s New York-style pizza. But even UberEATS may not be ready to book that delivery. Apparently the fast-food flavorings of In-And-Out isn’t enough, because even in LA, NYC pizza reigns king. And JetBlue delivers – literally. In their latest marketing stunt […]

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Let’s Fall in Love in… Las Vegas?

For most people, the notion of love tends to evoke the smell of roses, quiet sunsets, and maybe the scenic Tuscan countryside. Las Vegas would like to change that. Okay, so there is usually some kind of love felt in Vegas, but more akin to the intoxicated vows taken in front of The King himself […]

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA