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Airbnb Ad is a Parody Target for Comedic Copycats

Airbnb’s latest ad has become a parody target for comedic copycats.  The canny ad has spurred other ad agencies and other creative types to try their hand at comedy (sans standup routines). The ad, which debuted last week, was done by TBWA/Chiat/Day for Airbnb and features a baby slowly walking towards the front door of a home […]

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Nude Baristas Serve Coffee for Nestlé’s All-Natural Creamer

Nestle has nude baristas serving for coffee for their all-natural creamer. Well technically the baristas are brewing beans in body paint and not full on birthday suits, but the point is the same: shock customers enough to wake them up before they chug a double espresso. The scene of the strip down was an Irving […]

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Taco Bell Takes on Oversharing with New “Sharing Sucks” Campaign

Taco Bell pokes fun at oversharing – both online and in real life – with “Sharing Sucks” ad. “Since you were a kid, it’s been share this, share that,” the narrator begins. “Share your toys, share the bathroom, share the road, share your feelings.” Within the first 12 seconds of Taco Bell’s new “Sharing Sucks” […]

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