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Huggies Offers “12 Hour Protection” To Save Its Butt

Huggies is offering “12 Hour Protection” in a campaign to save its butt at parent company Kimberly-Clark, and offer value to baby butts everywhere. The personal care brand will re-launch Huggies Snug & Dry, its least expensive line of caca catchers. Kimberly-Clark is arguing that with the Snug & Dry line, parents will see improved absorbency, […]

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Ad Council PSA Says “Love Has No Labels”

A new Ad Council PSA hits hearts and raises awareness of subconscious prejudice with “Love Has No Labels” campaign. On Valentine’s Day, the Ad Council filmed its new “Love Has No Labels” public service announcement in Santa Monica, California. In the three-minute video, pairs of people pose behind an oversized X-Ray screen. The crowd on […]

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Mercedes-Benz Made the Greatest Fashion Ad of All-Time

Mercedes-Benz sends up fashion ads in a fantastic new video. Berlin Fashion Week isn’t just for clothing retailers. This year, the event’s title sponsor Mercedes-Benz stole the show with their hilarious send-up of stuffy, elitist fashion ads. The luxury automobile brand commissioned a three-and-a-half minute short film, which sets up scenarios of unbearable melodrama, before […]

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Kraft Reboots Struggling Jell-O Brand

For the second time in 18 months, Kraft has completely rebooted the marketing strategy for the troubled Jell-O brand. As processed foods continue to fade into marketplace oblivion, Kraft Foods is yet again rebooting their flailing Jell-O brand. The new campaign is called “Made with JELL-O-V-E” (I bet they were up all night thinking of […]

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Get to Know the Foul-Mouthed Frank’s RedHot Spokeswoman

Have you seen the foul-mouthed Frank’s RedHot Spokeswoman? The old woman who curses in  ads says she isn’t nearly as foul-mouthed in real life. Jean Hamilton may be 92 years old, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t really “put that s*** on everything.” The Frank’s RedHot advertising star says that she does indeed regularly use […]

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