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Mr. Sketch Gets Stinky

Mr. Sketch is really stinky.  And, I’m having none of it. As if the horrific scent from the the entirely too vivid red, orange, peach, yellow, etc markers from Mr. Sketch weren’t enough to annoy me, the jokers at the marker company and now pushing their scented markers into ill-advised toilet-humor ads.  Fech! Mr. Sketch […]

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Netflix Enters Real Customers’ Homes for Unscripted Spots

Netflix shoots unscripted video spots depicting movie night in actual consumers’ homes. Kids really do say the darndest things. Netflix and R/GA Los Angeles produced a new series of video ads, depicting unstaged glimpses into movie night with families around the nation. The children are the focus, as they share their thoughts about film with […]

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA