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Brita: Soda Turns Your Body Into Sugar Cube City

Brita warns consumers that drinking a can of soda per day turns your body into sugar cube city. The Brita water-filtration brand has a new spot that’s sure to stick with any soda drinker. The 30-second ad depicts a man stacking sugar cubes – starting with one can’s worth of sugar, and building up to […]

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Mike Myers and Brother Save The Day for Sears

Mike Myers might just save the day for retail giant Sears in Canada with some help from his brother in #brotherthatworksforsears Did you know Mike’s brother works for Sears? Go figure. Well, a Sears ad featuring comedian Mike Myers and his older brother, a longtime employee of the struggling retailer, has racked up more than […]

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Save the Children’s Real-Life Superheroes

A new PSA for Save the Children features kids describing their real-life superheroes. A totally adorable PSA for Save the Children hss real kids in India, Kenya and Mexico. The young ones describe – in their own terms – the impact of “superheroes” in their lives. Each child goes on to describe aid workers in larger-than-life […]

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Poland Spring Runs NYC Marathon Campaign

Poland Spring will be running a video campaign just before the NYC marathon in November. The tasty bottled water company is sponsoring the marathon for the 20th straight year and launching “Poland Spring Cheers”, a video-based social campaign. The video campaign gives runners the opportunity to create their own video toasting those who helped support […]

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Howard Davidson Arlington MA