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Amazon Opens Doors in Manhattan

Amazon is opening its doors with a  brick-and-mortar showroom in Manhattan. Amazon – the undisputed king of online retailers – is expanding into the “real world.” The company is about to open its first brick-and-mortar storefront, right across the street from the Empire State Building. (The interior is white. Very, very white.) The location of […]

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Sarah Silverman: Give Me Equal Pay or Give Me a Sex Change

Sarah Silverman illustrates the enormity of the wage gap by demanding equal pay…or the sex change required to get it. The trendy Manhattan ad agency Droga5 recently launched its second collaboration with the brazen comedienne Sarah Silverman. Like their first spot – which encouraged young Jewish adults to convince their grandparents in Florida to vote […]

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Inflation Finally Hits McDonald’s

Standard economics with inflation had finally hit the fast food mogul McDonald’s. Higher wages and the rising cost of meat among other things have caused McDonald’s price hike. These increases in prices could be pushing eaters away from the unhealthy burger chain and toward the somewhat unhealthy fast casual restaurants like Denny’s and Chili’s. The […]

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Columbia Sportswear Made an Hour-Long Commercial and No One Noticed

Columbia Sportswear produced an hour-long commercial film, which has been viewed by practically no one. The basic premise is that Columbia dressed up ten adventurous souls in their trademark gear, and set them loose in the Kingdom of Jordan. While there, one imagines, adventure and drama ensue. I wouldn’t know, because I’m not going to […]

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Diet Coke: Be Sleek and Skinny Just Like Taylor Swift

Diet Coke says: Be Sleek and Skinny Just Like Taylor Swift.  They are touting this with their skinny new “Sleek Can.” “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” That’s the message Taylor Swift has written all over Diet Coke’s slender “Sleek Can,” in a hilarious instance of mixed messages. If this can […]

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Starbucks Wants Fewer Texts and More Caffeine

Starbucks new ads want you to stop texting and spend more money on their caffeine. The coffee chain’s new ad campaign by agency BBDO shows the difference between conversations through text and face-to-face. Starbucks advocates more real-life communication in your life…and cups of coffee. In the series of advertisements, Starbucks serves up how an apology, […]

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