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Urban Outfitters Gets Caught Red Handed with Kent State Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters has been caught red handed with their new blood-splattered Kent State sweatshirt. The funky vintage Kent State sweatshirt has a ton of people really pissed off. Not only a visual eyesore, the faded, strategically-ripped sweater looks as though it was covered with bloodstains. Truly a politically incorrect fashion nightmare. The debut of this […]

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Pampers Stages Surprise for ‘Mom’s First Birthday’

A sweet and staged surprise from Pampers Japan totally steals hearts in their “Mom’s First Birthday” ad. Pampers Japan and agency Leo Burnett Tokyo/Beacon Communications pushes the premise that there’s no person who’s more sleep deprived and sensitive than a mom who’s recently given birth – even if her kid does look like something from […]

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UK Bans American Apparel’s New Back to School Ad Campaign

The UK has banned two online ads for American Apparel’s new back to school campaign. And heads are rolling. American Apparel created two risqué ads featuring schoolgirls bent over revealing their underwear while wearing short skirts. The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority got a hold of these online ads and banned them for sexualizing schoolgirls. In […]

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Gisele Bündchen Kicks Ass for Under Armour

Gisele Bündchen shows how she can kick ass for Under Armour in a commercial that’s bound to raise sales and eyebrows. The supermodel is shown kicking and punching the crap out of a boxing bag as negative comments from her critics flash behind her. Gisele joins Under Armour’s new multi-million dollar women’s campaign title “I […]

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Eight O’Clock Coffee Goes Live With Friends at Central Perk

Eight O’Clock Coffee is going live with the cast of “Friends.” The coffee company has brewed up a pop-up version of the iconic Central Perk coffee shop from “Friends” in New York City. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the timeless television comedy “Friends,” Eight O’Clock Coffee is teaming up with Warner Bros. to open a […]

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Disney Files Patents for Entertainment Drones

Disney has filed patents for three new drones. So who knows, future visitors to Walt Disney World may come for the rides but stay for the drone show. See ya later, Mickey Mouse balloons. Move over, Cinderella. Step aside, animatronic robots at Epcot Center. Disney has filed patents for three types of drones to fill […]

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State Farm Teams Up With SNL Characters

Comedy and insurance companies? Of course they go hand in hand. So, State Farm has teamed up with SNL and brought back a gaggle of classic Saturday Night Live characters to promote the company. When you have to wait on hold or fill out forms when filing an insurance claim, there’s bound to be frustration. […]

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