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Burger King Serves A Smartphone With Every Value Meal

Cheap dreams do come true. Burger King now serves a smartphone with every value meal. Burger King really wants you to download their app. How badly? They’re willing to give you a free phone to do it. “Would you like fries with that?” has somehow morphed into, “Would you like phone with that?” Technology has […]

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Panasonic Pens League of Valor Superheroes

Have you seen Panasonic’s League of Valor superheroes? Well, Panasonic has a new group of superheroes who can locate your IP address in the blink of an eye, make your internet speed faster than a speeding bullet (hopefully),. You may not have seen the heroes though.  This thinly veiled advertisement is only a handful of […]

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Old Navy’s “Unlimited” Gets Weird Fast

Old Navy’s “Unlimited” ad starts off normally enough but gets weird fast.  It’s a bit nerve rattling.  But not completely on my last nerve. The starts out with girl singing about the normal first day jitters amidst unfamiliar faces. A bit annoying but I’ve endured worse. But when she opens her locker, she’s pulled in […]

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Mr. Sketch Using Farts to Sell Markers

I guess it’s true.  Flatulence sells,  Umm…  Mr. Sketch is using farts to sell markers. Forgive me. Gotta stoop to potty talk. I blame the Sanford office and stationery products division of Newell Rubbermaid.  Sophomoric as it may be, their Mr. Sketch brand is using fart jokes to sell their scented markers. Fruit farts. That’s […]

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Jell-O Jigglers Just in Time for Football Season

Jell-O Jigglers University Mold Kits are pretty much exactly what they sound like and just in time for college football season.  Nonsense? Kind of.  But marketing brilliance nonetheless. Going to frat parties, waking up feeling like you got helmet-to-helmet tackled by Ray Lewis, writing a term paper two hours before it’s due. These are all […]

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Arby’s Reminds Us They Sell Meat

Arby’s has a new campaign that reminds us they sell meat. Arby’s new campaign wants to make it clear that their food has meat in it. Emphatically challenging carnivorous consumers, the new slogan is: “We have the meats”. I guess nobody really bought the idea that Arby’s was somehow nutritious in any way, because the […]

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Apple Commercial Feels the Love

The Apple notebook that people love now has the commercial that people love too. Apple’s new spot shows a laptop running the gauntlet of sticker customization. The apple on the laptop is getting kissed by Snow White, eaten by Homer Simpson and getting shot by a bullet. I’d be lying if I said I could […]

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