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Paris Hilton Washes Cars & Eats Burgers for Carl’s Jr.

Paris Hilton shows that she still enjoys washing cars and eating burgers. She does all this in some annoying Carl’s Jr. ads Paris Hilton’s body type leads me to assume she hasn’t touched a fast-food burger in her entire life. Well, Carl’s Jr. reminds that Hilton hasn’t lost her love for their belly-busting burgers. Or […]

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Peanut Butter Cheerios Teach #HowToDad

As if adding peanut butter to Cheerios wasn’t enough to create attention… Peanut Butter Cheerios are teaching people #HowToDad In a new commercial for Peanut Butter Cheerios by Tribal Worldwide in Toronto, a fast-talking, do-it-all father shows us exactly “how to dad.” He builds forts, tells hilarious jokes, plays dress up, and of course, serves his kids […]

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Procter & Gamble: ‘Swash’ Your Clothes, Don’t Wash Them

Procter & Gamble’s new Swash appliance cleans your clothes without actually washing them. Smart geeks at P&G are teaming up with Whirlpool to create Swash, a product that deodorizes and de-wrinkles clothes with specially designed pods instead of soap and water. What’s up with these products that promise to clean without soap or water? According […]

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LG Smartphones Take Trick Shot with Dudes

LG takes a trick shot at gaining a larger share of the smartphone market by marketing to dudes. The electronics giant, headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul,has joined forces with YouTube sensation “Dude Perfect” in an action-packed product placement video. Even if you’re not immediately familiar with Dude Perfect, or call anyone a bro, you might remember […]

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Gillette’s ‘100 Years of Hair’ is Sheer Success

Gillette’s ‘100 Years of Hair’ commercial is sheer success.   On YouTube alone, the clip got 8 million views to date. To launch it’s new body razor, Gillette sharply looks back at the last century of grooming through a 1 minute nicely done retrospective spot. ‘100 Years of Hair’ shows hairstyles, moustaches shaving techniques from the […]

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Peel Smart TV Remote App Scores 70 Million Users

Peel is a free smart TV remote app that turns smartphones and tablets into a smart universal remote.  The app is so smart that Peel has scored 60 million users. The app allows users to navigate personalized viewing recommendations on their smart phones and tablets and then tap on their mobile screens to launch programming […]

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Downy Wants You To Be More Huggable

Downy wants you to be more huggable but I’m done with Downy. Fabric softeners literally stink. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s things that are scented. Downy’s new spots are trying to put the love back into laundry detergent by putting people who care about each other onto a couch and making them hug. […]

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