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A1 Steak Sauce is Going Polyamorous

Things are getting bolder, sexier and spicier with America’s favorite  bottled sauce.  A1 steak sauce is going polyamorous. Steak and A1 have been in a committed relationship since the 60s but it looks like things are coming to an end. Or as the new ad playfully shows, the relationship gotten complicated. Riffing off of the “Facebook […]

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Oreo Hits The Big Screen With Transformers Deal

Oreo has hit the big screen and partnered with Paramount for a global movie deal with Transformers. If a giant, building consuming, robot worm that aids in terrorizing Chicago wasn’t enough for you, Paramount Pictures has come out with a new Transformers movie that features dinosaurs. The popularity of the Transformers franchise was not lost […]

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Keurig Has Claimed the Top Spot in North America

Keurig has claimed the top spot in North America. Even though Americans are known for loving their Big Gulps and venti sized morning drinks, the company with the tiny cup is leading the way.   It seems like the popularity of Keurig’s pint sized coffee pods has fueled their 18% market share, even though it […]

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Sony Brings the World Closer During World Cup

Sony’s ‘One Stadium Live’ network brings the world closer together during this years FIFA World Cup. If there’s one way to bring nations together it’s with the FIFA World Cup where teams will duke it out in Brazil this June. Now Sony rolls out its sponsorship of the event with One Stadium Live, a single […]

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Wendy’s Campaign Supports Foster-Care Adoption

Thanks to their founder Dave, Wendy’s has a solid campaign that supports foster-care adoption. You probably know Wendy’s for their square shaped burgers and trademark redheaded logo.  But a new ad campaign has started for the unfortunately lesser-known Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption. The late Wendy’s founder, who was himself a product of adoption, had […]

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Acura & Seinfeld Hit The Road Again

Acura and Seinfeld have hit the road again, and their trip just got a few extra miles tacked on.  But it really isn’t a show about nothing. Seinfeld has rolled out Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, an observational examination of regular life that defined the old Seinfeld.  Acura has sponsored the show for four more seasons. Truth […]

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Gillette Rolls Out The Most Expensive Razor

Gillette has announced a new, swiveling ball-hinge razor, which — starting at $11.49 — will be one of the most expensive razors on the market. First it was two blades. Then six. Now Gillette’s latest razor is taking men’s shaving technology into whole a new dimension.  And boy is it costly. Gillette is on a […]

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