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Chobani is Sweetening Their Offerings, Naturally

Chobani, America’s number one Greek yogurt is sweeting their offerings, the natural way.  Known for using only natural ingredients and 100-calorie yogurt, the Greek gods at Chobani are sweeting shelves with a ton of new offerings.  And of course, they all are natural. Health nuts, hipsters and digestive deficient folks rejoice, the probiotic packed dudes at Chobani are […]

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IKEA Makes Road Trip With Home Tour

IKEA is making a road trip with a new home tour campaign that’s sure to drive results. Known as a Life Improvement Store, IKEA is taking their marketing show on the road with home improvement style series called “Home Tour” that looks to model itself after popular television programs that showcase radical house design transformations. While on […]

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Kohls Has Us Saying Yes With a Brand Refresh

Kohl’s is cleverly having us saying yes with a rare opportunity for a brand refresh. The clothing retail giant known by families everywhere for huge savings on shirts, shorts, sandals and more is trying to make the word “yes” a contagious way to engage shoppers.  A 60-second ad hopes to inspire shoppers and evoke some […]

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Adidas and High Schoolers Win with Hashtags

Adidas rolled out a clever campaign that has high schoolers using hashtags to help the company win marketshare and mindshare. The campaign is smart.  It’s set up like a March madness bracket and  pits 16 high school football teams from around the country against one another, with the entire winning team receiving pairs of Adidas’ […]

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Zappos Gives Fashion Advice from Selfies

Zappos is now giving fashion advice based on selfies. Zappos has launched an Instagram-based personal shopping service, Next OOTD. So, if you post a selfie with the hashtag #nextOOTD, a Zappos stylist will scour  your Instagram history and respond with personalized shopping recommendations based on your profile.  A tad creep, but pretty cool. Standing for “outfit […]

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Soda Sales Have Fizzled in 2013

Drink up! Or not. Soda sales have fizzled this past year by a record 3% off of a 1.2% drop in 2012. The simple reason for Americans losing their thirst has to be health related. Once consumers learn about the ingredients and health effects of what they’re guzzling down, the harder it becomes to market. The […]

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Wren “Strangers Kissing” Video Gets 75 Million Hits

What was initially thought to be a short film of complete strangers kissing has in fact been revealed to be an advertisement for the fashion company Wren. The fashion company’s “Strangers Kissing” video got 75 million hits, and counting. The black-and-white video captures 10 pairs of strangers who volunteered to kiss each other on camera, […]

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PooPourri Smells Results with Potty Humor

PooPourri is smelling sweet results with potty humor. “Our business is to make it smell like your business never even happened” That’s slogan of PooPourri, the bathroom spray that’s actually meant for the toilet bowl, not the air around it. Think of this spray as a preventative measure; it supposedly creates an odor blocking film […]

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