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Kraft Singles Gain Marketing from Mold-Fighter

Kraft’s Singles cheese product slices are set to gain long lasting marketing points by ditching artificial preservatives, substituting sorbic acid with natamycin as a mold-fighter. A pack of Kraft Singles is to real cheese what a bottle of Heinz ketchup is to ripe tomatoes, a product that amps up everything a person could want from […]

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Sony Sells Vaio PC Business

Sony is officially giving up on laptops and desktops, announcing plans to sell its Vaio PC business to a Japanese investment group. It’s sad to see Sony go. Vaio was a high-end brand with big name recognition. Sony wasn’t into selling notebooks for a long time.  In fact, they resisted netbooks at first and focused lightweight laptops […]

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Subway Removing Yoga Mat Chemical from Bread

Subway, one of the world’s biggest bread bakers, is removing a yoga mat chemical from its breads that raised the ire of an influential health activist and food blogger. The world’s biggest sandwich chain says it’s in the process of removing the chemical known as Azodiacarbonamide from its sandwich breads — a chemical that Vani […]

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