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Unilever Unleashes a Global Campaign To Boost Awareness

Ask the average consumer if they’ve ever bought a Unilever product and they’re likely to give you a blank stare. While many of Unilever’s 400+ brands are well-known – there’s Ben & Jerry’s, TRESemmé, and Hellmann’s, just to name a few – the parent company has often lingered in the shadows. But now Unilever is […]

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Lego Builds It’s First Holiday Ad

Powerhouse plastic brickmaker Lego entered the holiday fray just in time for holiday shoppers.  They’ve built their very own holiday ad.  And it’s getting ample praise from across the advertising world. The newest video spot, “Let’s Build,” is an immaculately crafted story about a father and son bonding over their Lego creations. Anchored by a […]

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Millennials Are Canning Soup Cans

According to one carton manufacturer, Millennials are canning soup.  Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup cans may find themselves extinct in a few decades. This is because Millennials overwhelmingly prefer boxed cartons over cans, according to Tetra Pak, one of the world’s leading carton manufacturers. The study pinpoints several reasons as to why millennials are so […]

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University of Colorado Ends the Party

University of Colorado at Boulder is trying to call the police on their own party. The Boulder Buffalo are attempting to herd their incoming students away from their party school image through their new marketing campaign. The campaign’s tagline is to “Be Boulder” which will formally start in December. The campaign will focus on the intellectual aspects of the […]

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